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Man arrested for pimping on women in the middle of Corona


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Man arrested for pimping on women in the middle of Corona

A lot of women are lost, without a father and looking for help and direction on how to live a better life.

Often times young women who are from impoverished backgrounds, don’t have access to mentors who can teach them how to make money in a virtuous manner.

Thereby enters a slick talking man like, Steven Mcgrough who will take advantage of them, by convincing you women that he knows the way.



“On May 1, 2020, deputies with Constable Mark Herman’s Office responded to the Motel 8, Express Inn and the Frontier Inn, all located along the 16200 block of the North Freeway in reference to a tip received from the Human Trafficking Tip Line.  

Upon deputies arriving to the motels, they located five human trafficking victims, four of which were juveniles and two long time runaways. 

Constable Investigators responded to the scene and conducted interviews with the five victims. it was discovered that two victims were being trafficked by a male named Steven McGrough, who was located at the Express Inn with one of the juvenile victims. 

All the victims were released safely to their guardians. Multiple cellphones were seized at the scene and collected as evidence. Further investigation continues to identify any additional suspects involved.  

“Steven McGrough was arrested and charged with Compelling Prostitution and Trafficking a Minor. He received No Bond out of the 230th District Court.” – Constable Mark Herman “

Steven a young man himself, probably also doesn’t have access to mentors who can teach him a virtuous way to make money. Chances are in his neighborhood he saw pimps and drug dealers making money.

Drug dealing obviously leads to jail, but often times pimps believe that pimping won’t.

Anytime a man is on the path of taking advantage of women, not only is he leading them the wrong way, but he is also ruining his own future abundance. In order to be blessed in this world, a man must pour into a woman with love and gratitude.

Women are created to RECEIVE from a man. To take from her and deceive her, is the path of self-destruction.

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