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Walmart will stop putting black hair products in locked cases

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Walmart will stop putting black hair products in locked cases

Walmart will no longer place “multicultural hair care and beauty products” in locked cases in any of its stores, the company confirmed Wednesday.

They said “Multi-cultural.” We here at KrimewithKissy are not into being politically correct or using sugar instead of bold truths.

We are talking about products that black consumers purchase.

The practice, which Walmart says was only in place “in about a dozen” of its 4,700 U.S. stores, has received criticism for the implication that the customers who buy these products, largely people of color, can’t be trusted. The cases must be unlocked by a store associate, and the products are usually then taken to the front of the store for purchase.

The dozen number is a lie, for sure.

NBC reports:

CBS Denver reporter Tori Mason was the first to disclose the change, after receiving an email from Walmart in response to her story highlighting a situation that black people have long faced.

Walmart customer Judah Bell said the process is “humiliating” and is something she’s noticed at select locations across the country, usually those in more “urban, less affluent areas.”

Bell said that because her local Walmart uses the locked cases, she will drive 11 minutes further to a more affluent area and shop at that Walmart, where she doesn’t have to deal with such treatment. She said the longer drive can sometimes end up saving time.

“In my neighborhood Walmart, you have to go find somebody and then if they don’t have the key, they have to find somebody, so you’re just standing there waiting, sometimes for as long as 10 to 15 minutes,” Bell said.

She shared photos taken on Wednesday at two different Walmart stores located in economically different neighborhoods. Neither location had “multicultural” beauty products in cases, but the location in the less affluent community had many more items locked in cases, including cold medicine, children’s medicine, body wash, and cosmetics.

Walmart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez told NBC News that the company is “sensitive to the issue and understands the concerns” and would be implementing the change in policy “as soon as possible.”

Needless to say, the theft rate will increase again, but the theft rate of it’s other products never caused Walmart to lock other products in cases.

So much in the world is changing towards improved treatment of black American citizens. I am excited to see how all of these changes play out in society and the economy.

In other needs about 41% of businesses that went out of business during CO-VID were black owned businesses who are also not getting government funding.

So in one way things APPEAR to be getting better, yet we have yet to see funds truly being allocated to aide the black community.

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