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Black Lives Don’t Matter: Pop Lock & Drop It Rapper Killed in Double Shooting

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Black Deaths

Black Lives Don’t Matter: Pop Lock & Drop It Rapper Killed in Double Shooting

St. Louis rapper Lawrence Franks Jr. was shot and killed Thursday night in front of a Missouri home, according to police and media reports.

Franks Jr., also known as Huey, climbed the Billboard charts in 2006 with his debut single “Pop, Lock & Drop It.”

He arrived at a hospital around 11 p.m. Thursday after being shot at least once, according to WWL. Franks Jr., 32, died a short time after he arrived, KTVI reported.

A second victim showed up at a different hospital after also being shot on the same street in Kinloch, which is in St. Louis County, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He had non-life threatening injuries, the newspaper reported.

No arrests have been made and a motive for the shootings is unclear. Frank leaves behind a 13 year old daughter.


Frankly, I’ve decided to be the one who won’t sit by and pretend anymore. How many more black deaths do I have to report at the hands of a black person who killed them? Do we really need for a suspect to be caught, before we know the race of the killer? Nope, we don’t. 9/9 out of 10, a black man killed him. Black people will kill even black rappers who are making their way out of the hood and doing good.

Yet, when a white police officer encounters a black man, we want him to see that man as a HUMAN BEING.

Why do people think that black lives should matter to non-blacks, when black lives don’t even matter to black people?

Black people will go to the asian nail salon, the asian owned beauty supply store, the white owned car dealership, the white coach, the Louis Vuitton and Gucci store, but won’t even support the black girl online who is selling $35 custom-made candles. Why? Because “$35 is too much!!!” They say.

Then they will swear they hate Fox news, but they will share a story from Fox on social media, before they even think of sharing from a black media outlet. WHY? Because they feel the non-black media outlet is better, because it’s heavily advertised and supported. Meanwhile Facebook will be limiting the reach of black media sites, giving them violations and all types of stuff to repress them.

You have to consciously support the black culture.

Black people are so broken at the hands of each other, that when one finds her value and states it, the community pops up to ask her who does she think she is, and to DEMAND that she lowers her prices. Yet they never ask Louis Vuitton or Louboutin to do the same thing. They definitely don’t ask the Maserati dealership to drop the price.

Oh, and don’t let a black woman say that she wants an abundant rich man who loves and values her enough to take care of her. Then a black man or woman will pop up to tell her that she needs to settle for less and take what she can get, because “Who does she think she is to think she’s deserving of MORE, or better than average or mediocre.”

It’s annoying af, when someone conscious pops in to tell black men to treat women better, and some UNCONSCIOUS person pops up proclaiming that black men have a record of treating black women like Queens. Most times the women who say that are tirelessly working 2 jobs, unmarried and have yet to meet any black man who will love her enough to provide and pay all of her bills. She’s only speaking or her small circle, and not the community as a whole, because she has no dealings outside of her small circle.

It’s time we STOP allowing the unconscious to control the narrative because no changes will be made as long as they are speaking.

When are in the year 2020, and black people are still joining gangs. You know how retarded that sounds to anyone with a great deal of intelligence?

Why do they join gangs? Because they want love, protection, security and a family. Things they can’t get in their single parent home.

Yet, all too often some unconscious black person pops up to proclaim that people don’t need to get married and that everything is just fine.

Trying to educate black people often feels like talking a brick wall. You can have the most beautiful communication skills, but a brick wall simply can’t hear, comprehend or understand you. Therefore it won’t take action. It’s a waste of time.

Do you know how ridiculous it is to be in the middle of one of the biggest civil rights movements in the country, BLACK LIVES MATTER, meanwhile, once the outside was opened up, what did violent black in certain areas immediately starting doing? Going outside to rob, steal, kill, maim and destroy other black lives.

Most times when a violent black person wants to harm someone, they harm those closest to them. Another person with their same skin. They are comfortable hurting them.

It’s deeply embedded into black people to not love and respect one another. But subconsciously through the programming they respect white people enough to not harm them. Most of the same people in jail for killing a black person, would not walk up to a cop, kill the cop and watch the cop bleed out and plead for help. They don’t have the heart to do it. But they have the heart to distinguish another black life.

But don’t mind me. I’m just the one who will spit the truth.

If you are a woman or a man who seeks to express love in this world, have a purpose, get closer to God and maintain a high value, HEALTHY relationship, do your life a favor and grab the book below.

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