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30,000 People Sign Petition To Remove Kylie Jenner From ‘WAP’ Video

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30,000 People Sign Petition To Remove Kylie Jenner From ‘WAP’ Video

Thousands of people disliked seeing Kylie Jenner immerse herself in a black culture highlight.

Yesterday Cardi B‘s highly anticipated WAP video with fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion hit the internet and fans excitedly went crazy over the collaboration and beautiful visuals.

Crazy until apparently they saw their favorite IT black girl Kylie Jenner looking sultry and seductive showing her rear end in the video.

This set off a woman named NiNi YouTube, who just had to do something about it. She started a petition.

On the petition that she created, Nini YouTube, wrote, “The video was perfect until I saw K and I wanted to throw my phone.”

Nini, was so mad that she called her “K” instead of Kylie.

The petition, hosted on Change.org, has already garnered 30,000. At the time of writing this post, the petition had 29,422 Signatures. But the numbers are moving so fast, that by the time I get done writing this post surely it will be at 30,000 or more.

Another signee added, “I was happily enjoying my daily cup of brown women until that culture stealing colonizer showed up and made me spill.”

Kylie is apparently who Megan and Tory Lanez were arguing over when the shooting incident occurred.


Watching the video, whoever put the visuals together did a great job. In a way it was very beautiful. But personally I realize I’ve had a great shift in consciousness and I prefer to see women being displayed with some class.

At the same time I understand why Cardi promotes “there’s some hoes in this house,” because I know lots of people called her a hoe and told her she wouldn’t make it past 15-minutes of fame. It’s a boss move to throw it right back in their face.

Most people including her fans don’t realize that Cardi is a genius ENTERTAINER. They miss her brain game.

As far as Megan, who isn’t a light skinned “exotic” woman, I think she is reaping the repercussions of her branding and lyrics. It’s very interesting seeing how people react towards her, vs. the way they react towards Cardi.

One minute people love Megan, but I am noticing men are suddenly disliking her, and from the shooting I was upset that people did not seem to care that a man had hurt her.

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