Single Mother fighting for her life, after her baby daddy shot her & killed himself in attempted murder/suicide - Krime with Kissy
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Single Mother fighting for her life, after her baby daddy shot her & killed himself in attempted murder/suicide

Renaldo Lemar Tate Cystal Lashawn Tate

Crimes Against Women

Single Mother fighting for her life, after her baby daddy shot her & killed himself in attempted murder/suicide

Burlington, N.C. – On September 8, at approximately 03:47 a.m., the police Department responded to an address within their jurisdiction in reference to a welfare check. The caller reported that her son had made threats to harm his girlfriend. While on the phone with her son, the caller could hear the girlfriend in the background screaming, in which she hung up and dialed 911.

The police were unable to locate the man or the woman screaming in the background. Even multiple attempts to “ping” all possible cell phones failed.

A few hours later at 06:45am, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call of a shooting incident near the intersection of Chance’s Creek Road and Fancy Gap Highway.

Once on scene, deputies found a deceased male and a female with apparent gunshot injuries. The female, identified as Crystal Lashawn Clay, 34, was found beside a vehicle. Ms. Clay had obvious signs of abduction and appeared to have a gunshot wound to the face.

She was able to communicate with the deputies, and advised that her kids father Renaldo Lemar Tate, 34, had abducted her and tied her in the vehicle.

She also asked that someone call her mom, to go check on her kids who had been left at home alone during the abduction.

EMS responded to the scene for treatment of both individuals, and Crysal was air lifted to a local hospital. Mr. Tate was confirmed deceased.

According to witness statements the two were in a physical altercation beside the parked car. During the altercation, Tate pulled out a gun, shot Clay, then turned the gun on himself..

According to reports, Tate became upset and started acting strangely when Crystal broke up with him. It made her uneasy.

Her sister, Quencelyn Ellison, says that when Crystal broke up with Tate, he started stalking her and acting crazy.

She recalls going shopping with her sister and noticing that Tate’s car seemed to appear every where they went. She says that Clay was increasingly “uneasy” around Tate and that she was “visibly afraid” of him.

Tate would also ride past Clay’s house in Burlington and rev his engine or sit outside her house with music playing loud, Ellison said. 

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And now we are here, with a GoFundMe account for Cystal’s rehabilitation.

And a mother mourning the loss of her son who tried to murder the mother of his child, and killed himself.

I don’t know why his family put “I am my brother’s keeper on his shirt.”

The more I start blogging again, the more I almost can’t believe that people actually get upset with me for waking women up. (Insanity. Heck. Maybe I need to get louder.)

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In gratitude for this message that I received in my inbox today.

BLACK MEN: Please stop the violence against black women.. Please stop CONDONING the violence you see other men perpetuate against black women. Enough is enough.

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