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Kamala Harris’s Suit Has Won the Internet


Kamala Harris’s Suit Has Won the Internet

Meaning Behind the Attire

Kamala Harris’s choice of attire to address the victory speech spoke volumes. The ensemble consisted of a beautiful cream silk pussy(cat)bow blouse, eggshell/off-white pants suit, and nude pointed heels to complete the look. The look screams class but it definitely says “Look at me.”

The blouse is truly one of my favorites, it covers you up completely but still gives a nice elegant touch to it, and on top of that it is silk so it really pops!

Suffragette Suit

The style of the suit Kamala wore is historic. The style got its name from the 20th century. Female Women’s Rights activists used to wear this style, but instead of it being pants, they wore ankle length skirts. In those days it was forbidden and frowned upon for women to wear pants or short skirts. They also chose white to stand out and be seen. Now that is true courage, to wear a color that no one else has ever wore in the history of the White House. She is making so many statements with just one look.

Internet Sensation

Harper’s Bazaar, Vouge, Marie Claire, and many other fashion forward sites have all gushed over her look. Even celebrities have tweeted and re-tweeted her pictures. This is a true example of a “Fashion Statement.” She is classy with it and pays homage to those before her. I am here for the history lesson sis!

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