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Ari and G-Herbo Feud Over Picture of Their Son Yosohn

Celebrity Drama

Ari and G-Herbo Feud Over Picture of Their Son Yosohn

Ari Is Heated

Mama bear, Ari Fletcher is not having it with her baby’s father G-Herbo, and his girlfriend Taina. Herb and Taina decided to take Yosohn to a game and of course, the paparazzi caught the girlfriend holding Yosohn.

The picture was posted to instagram and she made sure everyone knew how she felt about the ordeal.

She Is Not Bitter

The comments are split between her being a bitter baby moma, and her having every right to say what she said.

I don’t see how she could be so bitter when her boyfriend is Moneybagg-Yo and he is filthy rich. They gift each other luxury vehicles for fun. Ari is not thinking about Herb.

When it comes to my kids I am very funny about who is around them. It is your responsibility to make sure your kids are safe. How does Ari know that Taina doesn’t have something against Yosohn. Taina seems like a sweet girl and Yosohn does seem pretty calm sitting in her lap, although you can’t see his face, I’m sure if he didn’t want her holding him he would have been flailing those little arms. We all know toddlers have no problem with letting us know when they are inconvenienced.

Slug City

Once Herb got wind of the comment from Ari, you know his childish a*s had to say something back.

You already know us women cut deep, so Ari threw stones right back.

Then surprisingly Moneybagg-Yo’s babymom took Ari’s side.

That is a real woman there. I love women empowerment by other women. We have true magic in us.

Mothers stick together because women with kids and women without kids are totally different. One is not better than the other, it is just different, and you won’t fully understand until you have one.

It doesn’t seem like Taina wants any smoke with Ari and she respects her wishes. I can appreciate sis, especially the fact that she had a mask on. It wasn’t covering her face or nose but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say, the reason why she wasn’t wearing it properly was because of Yosohn’s curiosity.

Moneybagg and Ari
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