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A Look into Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby’s Beautiful Relationship

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A Look into Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby’s Beautiful Relationship

Longevity is the goal of all relationships

Jayda and Lil Baby have been together for four years. They broke up early 2020 but got back together a few months after the split. When you see one you know the other is not far away.

Jada was even featured in his video for his huge hit song “Close Friends”. When you see them together that is exactly what it they look like, close friends. Their bond is so organic. Being so high profile, surely this couple goes through more than just the average, but they seem to handle things well. Some couples need that time away.

Jada and Lil Baby are Also Mommy and Daddy

They have a beautiful almost 2 year old son named Loyal.

Loyal turned 1 on February 24th and had a huge lego themed birthday.

Baby boy has a birthday coming up, and surely the parents already have plans in mind for the next extravagant party. I love how they keep it kid friendly and not just a whole bunch of glitz and glamour.

Jayda is Not just a Stay at Home Mom

She has an online store named AmourJayda Hair. She also sells clothes and accessories. Jayda has no limit to the money she makes. She continues to explore her business options to become the best she can be. She even continues to stay by her man’s side through all the hurtful rumors and messy females. This chick seems so laid back and just minds her business and her money. Jayda is that one friend every chick needs to have.

This couple is so fun to watch. Especially when Jayda goes live and walks throughout their HUGE luxurious house. TALK ABOUT GOALS!!!

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