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Dr. Dre to ordered to pay another $1.5M in fees to estranged wife Nicole Young

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Dr. Dre to ordered to pay another $1.5M in fees to estranged wife Nicole Young

Dr. Dre is out here having rich people problems.

The record producer and hot shot mogul has been ordered to pay seven figures in legal fees to his estranged wife, Nicole Young, as their bitter divorce case continues to play out in Los Angeles, according to a ruling.

This week, the judge in the divorce case ruled that the rap legend should pay Nicole another $1.55 million in legal fees and costs — after already forking over $2 million.

Anyone feel like raising their hand to get married to a millionaire right now? lol

The judge estimated that Nicole’s reasonable legal fees in the case so far should total $3 million, plus costs. Dre will now have to pay $1 million towards the balance of her fees, plus another $550,000 in costs associated with the case, the judge ruled. The payment would be for fees and costs through July 2, 2021. But it is unclear what the eventual tab will be moving forward in the case.

Either way, it’s more than most people make in a life time. 

 Previously it was reported that Young and her lawyers estimated the said fees in the case were close to $4 million. According to court documents,  Young’s legal tab can cost up to $1,100 per hour. She is being repped in the case by hotshot celebrity attorney Samantha Spector.

The judge further ruled, as had been previously ordered, that Dre should pay Nicole $293,306 in monthly temporary spousal support — and that Dre must also pay for household costs including security, insurance, gardening, taxes, repairs and maintenance, retroactive to Sept. 1, 2020.

 I literally paused to look at my hard working pink nails as I write this article…  

That comes to $3,812,987 over the past year, the judge estimated in the ruling, adding that the previously paid living expenses that Dre had turned over already may not have included all the costs for the home. The ruling also said that the parties must confer on any added expenses Dre owes Nicole on the household costs by next month.

Page Six previously reported that Dre was ordered to pay the $293,306 per month in spousal support until Young remarries or enters into a domestic partnership — or unless the court orders otherwise at a later date.

Young, 51, first filed to divorce Dre, 56, in 2020. The couple was married for 24 years and has adult children. The estranged pair have been arguing in court over a prenup.

Dre’s reported net worth is around $800 million. The new court papers say that he has assets of $243 million.

kissy denise black vegas blogger

I got wet just looking at these dollars amounts.   How could a woman be so pissed at a man who has and is giving her so much?

The truth is, it’s pretty obvious that he did A LOT to that woman.

Well loves, that’s it for today’s edition of the Lifestyles of the Rich in Divorce Court.

Wait, suddenly I can hear the 50/50 men in the background saying “Damn shame. Blame man from Compton works all his life just to get rich and have a woman take half of his money. I am never getting married.”

And to that I say, SIR, Don’t cheat or beat your woman.

Also, I’ve been afraid to get married my entire life. I was afraid that I would marry the wrong man and that the marriage wouldn’t last if he wasn’t the right guy, cause he’d mess everything all up. This story just healed me of that fear.

(Alexa play “It’s Cheaper To Keep Her.”)

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