2 Female ZELLE Users Seduced Baby Baller Tourist, Laced His Drink, Took His Gold Chain, Yeezy's & Spent $15k+ On His Cards In Miami Beach - Krime with Kissy
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2 Female ZELLE Users Seduced Baby Baller Tourist, Laced His Drink, Took His Gold Chain, Yeezy’s & Spent $15k+ On His Cards In Miami Beach


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2 Female ZELLE Users Seduced Baby Baller Tourist, Laced His Drink, Took His Gold Chain, Yeezy’s & Spent $15k+ On His Cards In Miami Beach

When certain kinds of chicks want money in their Zelle & Cash app accounts, that don’t think twice about how to do it. They just go for it. It’s strictly sloppy business.

Two women are facing charges after they were arrested for allegedly drugging and robbing a tourist in Miami Beach.

NBC Miami reports Elizabeth Labbe, 19, and Kimberly Ann Lebron-Martinez, 20 are facing charges of robbery, grand theft, fraudulent use of identification, and unlawful possession of a stolen credit card.

The incident happened early Friday morning, when the two women approached the victim, reportedly a Texas man who was visiting South Beach, at a bar located on the 1000 block of Collins Avenue. Initially the man turned down their offer to have a drink, but the two women were aggressive and finally got him to give in and get drinks at a bar.

A short time later after loosening the man up they all left together, picked up some White Claw drinks, and headed to Collins Park along 21st Street.

Labbe and Lebron-Martinez then took the man to a nearby park, where they allegedly handed him a laced beverage. According to an arrest report obtained by WPLG Local 10, the victim “immediately felt as if he had been drugged and soon after lost consciousness.”

Police say the women then robbed the victim of items worth thousands of dollars, including an Omega watch valued at $10,000, credit cards, debit cards, his Apple iPhone 12, his $4,000 gold chain, $3,000 in cash, the keys to his Audi rental, and $250 Yeezy sneakers.

Over the next 16 hours, Labbe and Lebron-Martinez allegedly spent over $15,000 while using the man’s credit cards; they even used his cards to send Apple Pay and Zelle payments to their own accounts.

Thanks to surveillance footage, police were able to track down the women, who were both wearing the same clothes as the night before and driving the same car down Collins Avenue, the same street they robbed the man on.

During questioning, Lebron-Martinez admitted to drugging the victim, saying she put ZanX in his drink.

kissy denise black vegas blogger

Men need to learn a few things about attractive women who don’t have a regular 9-5 and aggressively ask you to hang out with them.

1. They don’t want to hang out with men for free
2. Even when they tell you to pay and you pay, they still may rob you of a few things
3. They are most times not that bright.

In this case, this man was definitely slipping big time, but I can see how he believed that going to hang out at a park on a beach with two beautiful women would be harmless.

Life is all about forming real genuine relationships. Not hanging out with strangers hoping to get off.

Even more, this crime is a result of consciousness and these women feeling like this is a way better gig than working a minimum wage job.

Meanwhile, I know a young 18-year-old girl who has an entire 6 figure Lemonade business.

Her mom is conscious and also a business owner…. Your life is based upon the people you hang around.

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