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T.I. Heckled Comedian Lauren Knight Then Got Upset When She Joked About His Allegations

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T.I. Heckled Comedian Lauren Knight Then Got Upset When She Joked About His Allegations

Either T.I. wanted some attention, or he wanted to bring attention to someone else.

Xavier of Ice Cream Convo’s Reports on the latest edition of What T.I. said, I am thinking of making T.I. his own category on my blog, cause the things he, Clifford Harris, says tend to stick to the human mind.

2 of my favorite saying of TIP’s are:

1. Expeditiously
2. This too shall pass
BONUS: My girl can have whatever she likes.

Anyway, on to the report:

Comedian Lauren Knight says she is now receiving death threats following an incident with T.I. at an Atlanta comedy club.

T.I. began heckling Lauren when she took the stage during an open mic event at Our Bar ATL on Monday night.

In video clips, which are floating around on Al Gore’s internet, the rapper-turned-aspiring comedian was yelling at Lauren to take her wig off.

So, we haven’t learned anything this week about discussing Black women’s hair, eh?

Eventually, Lauren Knight clapped back and made a joke about his allegations and T.I. got BIG MAD!

Not only did he call Lauren out of her name, he eventually made his way to the stage and scolded her for bringing up his sexual misconduct allegations.

When it was all said and done, Tip and Lauren sat on stage together and squashed it as he stated it was his “job to protect and correct her”…when he started the foolishness by heckling her.

The clip of T.I. snapping on Lauren quickly went viral and only presented one side of the story.

Lauren took to social media to share her side of the story in a video.

The caption on the video read:

@sheslaurenk Listen… you can’t be a heckler and get mad when you get a response. I stand on what I said. I love comedy. Make sure you got the whole story before you believe just anything. Make sure you’re at @ourbaratl every Monday night tho 🥰

Watch the video below.

T.I. took to IG Live and denied ever calling Lauren out of her name and even went as far as telling her if she can show where he called her a “b**ch” he would give her a million dollars.

Lauren Knight called his bluff and produced the receipt requested.

She wrote:

See it went from something simple that should’ve got squashed and settled to this man using his platform to lie on me to justify some bullsh*t.

Everybody is tripping. I just wanna do comedy. @troubleman31 run me my million.

We ended on a positive note now you lying and saying sh*t to weaponize your fan base and THAT I’m not here for.

Idgaf about how y’all feel I’m here for the truth. I’m getting death threats and harassed cause a n***a wanna lie. That’s lame as hell.

This sh*t is aggy and most importantly I have no reason to lie. Oh btw— $lkcomedy #imserious#maddangerous

The receipt that TIP lied from Ice Cream Convos

After being caught in a bold-faced lie, T.I. changed his tune and took to social media writing:

I’ve said from my entrance into the world of comedy that I intend to use my light to shine on others. To bring awareness to those who also have love and respect for the art form.

In the spirit of that… Everyone I’d like to introduce you to @sheslaurenk she’s a young up & coming comic on the scene in Atlanta check her out.

She’s a young black women fighting to use her voice for laughter & I understand that may take us down dark roads at times but there’s always an opportunity to find a beacon of light & produce a positive outcome.

As i say all the time… all ships rise with the high tide. May she use whatever fame & notoriety she receives for good. I wish you the best & hope you bring the world more joy & laughter with the light you receive.

I’ve done my part here… moving on.
Love & Respect -👑

Okay. Now everyone knows Comedian Lauren K, thanks to T.I. None of this stuff is real to me. Like it had to be a set-up.

Do ya’ll think this was intentional on T.I.’s behalf.

All of this stuff couldn’t be real. I mean seriously, these men like T.I. and Will Smith are HIGHLY intelligent.

They THINK before they act and react. They make calculated decisions. It’s chess not checkers, for real for real. Not to say they don’t make mistakes….

T.I. probably knows the club owner, he’s part owner or something. Cause celebrities engaging with people shines a light on that person who often needs to get their name into the spotlight.

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