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Kandi Burruss Says Xscape Would Beat Destiny’s Child In A Battle Of The Hits



Kandi Burruss Says Xscape Would Beat Destiny’s Child In A Battle Of The Hits

Kandi Burrus is an amazing woman with super fabulous vocal cords.  Along with her group Escape, they’ve given the world hits you’ll never stop loving.

Although Kandi and the other ladies of the infamous R&B group Xscape already hit the stage in a hit-for-hit battle against SWV, she joined Andy Cohen and Lil Jon in a discussion about possibly going up against Destiny’s Child.

The Shade Room Reports:

In a game called ‘Who Do You Ver-Suspect?’ Andy presented Kandi and Lil Jon with a host of super star pairings and inquired about who they think would win in a battle of the discographies. The list included Mariah Carey vs. Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion vs. Cardi B, Jay-Z vs. Kanye West, Tina Turner vs. Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige vs. Faith Evans, Snoop Dogg vs. Diddy, and Patti LaBelle vs. Diana Ross.

When posed with the question of Destiny’s Child vs. Xscape, Kandi only had a few words to say.

Oh, really?! We the OG’s! Lil Jon screamed, “Xscape, Xscape,” in the background as Kandi laughed about the matchup.

While the groups are from two different generations, they have each contributed big hits to the world of R&B! For years, fans of Destiny’s Child have been begging for a reunion, and they finally got one–sorta. Bey brought the group back together for her 2-hour Beychella performance back in 2018 for a few minutes of DC3 realness.

Xscape, on the other hand, has been giving their fans what they want, chile! The 90s group has been serving looks and performing at events all over the country including the Lovers and Friends Festival that took place in Vegas on May 14th.





It’s nice to bet on yourself, but Beyonce doesn’t compete. She and Rihanna both DOMINATE.

What do ya’ll think? I’m not going to ask you if you want to see this competition, cause common sense says Beyonce ain’t going.

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