Ne-Yo Goes To Court Seeking Gag Order Against Ex Crystal Whose Cheating Allegations Have Allegedly Cost Him $400K’ In Deals - Krime with Kissy
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Ne-Yo Goes To Court Seeking Gag Order Against Ex Crystal Whose Cheating Allegations Have Allegedly Cost Him $400K’ In Deals


Ne-Yo Goes To Court Seeking Gag Order Against Ex Crystal Whose Cheating Allegations Have Allegedly Cost Him $400K’ In Deals

Ne-Yo had a whole lot of fun, but doesn’t want not another soul to find out about it.

After asking a judge to not grant his wife alimony in divorce court, Neyo wants his estranged wife Crystal Smith to stop publicly discussing all of the times he cheated on her during their rocky 8-year relationship.

Back in August, Crystal filed for divorce alleging that the “So Sick” singer had cheated on her and had unprotected sex  with “numerous women” throughout their eight years together.

Crystal was so devastated after finding out that Ne-yo fathered a child with another woman, that she took to social media to tell the world that she was tired of faking it.

She heavily implied that on top of having an outside baby during their marriage, there were many people who were said to have shared sexual relationships with the 42-year-old.

She wrote, “8 Years. 8 Years of lies and deception. 8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and husband with numerous women who sell their bodies to him unprotected.. every last one of them! To say I’m heartbroken and disgusted is an understatement.”

Ne-yo wants Crystal, her mouthpiece, and her order for alimony to all go away.

According to Radar Online, Ne-Yo wants Smith to stop spilling his tea. He has requested a judge to place a gag order on Crystal, insisting that she has cost him $400k in deals due to the cheating claims. He further asks to be granted joint physical custody of their three children, Shaffer, Roman, and Isabella.

Though he didn’t put up a fight to pay child support for his kids, Ne-Yo is unwilling to provide spousal support for his ex, whom he married in 2016. He wants the gag order put in place so that his career isn’t being affected by the allegations Smith has made to the public, which have therefore affected his financial income.

In the court documents, he says his ex has been on a campaign to harm his reputation after not only making accusations about his character on social media but also speaking to the paparazzi and sitting down for an interview to discuss their relationship. The “reckless and distasteful acts” are hindering from Ne-Yo sustaining his level of financial success with his career since he’s already estimated to have lost close to half a million dollars.

“To date, [Ne-Yo] has loss approximately $400,000 in wages associated with public appearances, professional bookings, and promotional efforts related to the promotion of his new musical project,” the docs read. And since he’s not disputing Smith’s request to pay child support, he won’t be able to do so if she continues badmouthing him in the press that’s ultimately going to hurt his income for their kids.

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This is sad. In one way he’s right, like “Do you want your child support check or do you want to keep telling my truth and making people not like me?”

Crystal should be able to tell her truth. It’s interesting that like most cheating men or abusive men, they care more about control, cheating or having fun, than they care about their own income.

Even then the drop in income is only temporary. People will forget about this next year and be on to something else.

Before you marry a male celebrity ask them do they care about LOVE more or simply to have a willing partner.  Cause the way things are set up from the Ne-Yo perspective, it’s not wise to fall in love with such a man, but instead be there to collect the check, fame and benefits.

Yet lets be honest and admit most women are in such relationships with cheating men. Accept the man isn’t a celebrity, they aren’t getting $25,000 a month alimony or spousal support check, and they won’t be getting on a reality show and gaining more fame and followers in exchange for the pain.

Chances are such a woman will be depressed for years, ward off men, not have sex and actin a way not conducive to improving her life.   Women who seek real love often get the short end of the stick, because they don’t have a strategy to manifest it.

If you actually want real love and a man didn’t come to love you, you are wasting your time, unless it’s with a man who will compensate you heavily for your pain.

Whatever your values are, it’s important to align with someone on the same level.  You absolutely do not have to settle for less than what your heart loves and values.

Guess it’s time for Neyo to become the ‘Good Man’ he sang about

What are your thoughts?

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