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Lori Harvey Has Been In A ‘Great Place’ Since Split From Michael B. Jordan, According To Steve Harvey


Lori Harvey Has Been In A ‘Great Place’ Since Split From Michael B. Jordan, According To Steve Harvey

Everyone wants to know how Lori Harvey is doing after her split with actor Michael B. Jordan, and her father, Steve Harvey did not disappoint when asked about the current state of his daughter’s emotional well being.

On Tuesday, the 65-year-old comedian and television host appeared as a guest on Today With Hoda & Jenna, and gave a positive update about Lori’s emotions post break-up.

Steve Harvey Says Lori Is Doing Well Despite The Public Criticism She Often Receives

Hosts Hoda and Jenna questioned Harvey about whether he gave 25-year-old Lori any advice after her split from actor Michael B. Jordan.

Harvey laughingly responded.

“See, I have to be careful how I answer this… My daughter is in my behind! I’m not allowed to talk about anything…

I’ve given her advice quite a few times but you know, it’s difficult ’cause she’s 25. She’s growing up as a public figure. She doesn’t get to make her mistakes like everybody else — everybody else gets to make their mistakes in the cloak of darkness at your house. Hers gets publicized.

The 65-year-old then said that he feels his daughter has done a “really good job at figuring it out and getting it right.”


And I think she’s at a great place in her life right now — I think she’s content with Lori and I think that’s a great place for her to start from.

The hosts then reflected on Lori’s recent interview with Essence, where she firmly asserted that she’ll be prioritizing herself as she moves forward in life.

Harvey shared more of his thoughts.

You get the best out of a man and out of life when you get the best out of yourself. If you come into a relationship wanting, needing, empty — when you come in empty, a person can pour into you whatever they want. But if you come in already full? ‘I’m already full so now I need you to make additions. I don’t need you to pour nothing in me.’ That usually don’t work out.”

Lori Harvey Previously Graced The Cover Of Essence And Discussed Her New Dating Mindset

Lori Harvey graced the January/February cover of Essence. And candidly spoke about her decision to prioritize self-love in her life.

I feel like it’s always been about me attached to someone. This time, it’s about me. Self-love, self-care, self-reflection. I’m being a little selfish right now. It’s my time.

Harvey went on to say that she is choosing peace and happiness, and letting go of anything that doesn’t serve that decision, as she moves forward.

That’s where I’m at in my life right now. I’m not compromising my peace and happiness for anything or anybody. And so if I see any signs of that happening, I’m like, ‘Got to go.’

Roommates, are you happy to hear that Lori is in a “great place”?

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