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Mom in hot car death: ‘It never crossed my mind until I got off’


Mom in hot car death: ‘It never crossed my mind until I got off’

Many a mother doesn’t understand the struggle she’s signing up for when she had kids out of wedlock.

EMPORIA, VIRGINIA – Blondia Curry, 30, is heartbroken  and planning a funeral, following the death of her son, Dameer.  Blondia left her 6-month-old baby inside a hot car, while she went to work at Domino’s Pizza.

Curry said she forgot the little boy in her car because he was sleeping soundly.

“If I could give my baby the breath out of my body, I would.” Blondia Curry said.

Surrounded by family just days after losing her youngest son, Blondia Curry is speaking out on what happened.

“I went to work and I just forgot to drop Dameer off. I forgot all about it. I was so overwhelmed.” Curry said.

She says the woman who was suppose to watch 6-month-old Dameer cancelled, and that threw off her routine.

“My youngest daughter’s father calls and he said his mother wasn’t going to be able to watch [one of her daughters]. That’s what I believe threw me off,” the mother of four said.

Curry said she arranged for one relative to watch her three oldest children.

After she dropped them off, she said she drove to her job at Domino’s Pizza on Market Drive in Emporia — forgetting to drop off her baby at another relative’s home.

“I got to work at 4:02 p.m., and it never crossed my mind until I got off,” Curry said. “I got back in the car and said I need to go pick Dameer up first and I realized never dropped him off. I just reached in the back and felt back there and he was back there in the seat. He was burning up.”

Police say the boy spent five hours inside the hot car.

“He was asleep, so I didn’t hear him or anything. I just pray to God it all happened in his sleep,” Curry said. “I pray he never woke up or anything. Everybody is asking why and passing judgement, but I know I love all four of my children.”

Friday was also Curry’s first day back to work for Curry, after her 10-year-old daughter was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes.

“We are going through, and we need people’s prayers and genuine love.” Curry’s mom said.

Memories now flood the mind of the grieving mother.

“I just think about how much he smiles,” Curry said. “He was the happiest baby. He always smiled.”

Curry says she already feels guilty and the hate from the internet is constant.

The mother is not facing any charges at this time from police. She is now planning a funeral for her young son.

The family is selling customized mugs to remember Dameer and has started a GoFundMe account to help cover the cost of the funeral.


“Everybody has so much to say, but I have to live with this for the rest of my life,” Curry said. “Tomorrow, next week, everybody will forget about it, but I have to think about this every day. Every day.”

Four kids, overwhelmed, and working at Domino’s pizza… Struggling, and barely covering the bills… You can almost feel the pressure. Having multiple kids with no plans for financial stability is essentially a decision sentencing yourself to a hard life.  It will cause a woman with a bright future, to live in survival mode, instead of dream mode.  Sometimes it’s better to worry about your own judgment of yourself or lack there of, instead of worrying about the opinion’s of others. People are often so caught up in what another has to say, that they don’t realize the storylines they assign to themselves…

We wish Blondia the best. Our condolences on the loss of her beautiful baby boy.


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