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Judge Removes Restriction on Kenneth Petty, Allowing Him To Be Present for Nicki Minaj’s Delivery

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Judge Removes Restriction on Kenneth Petty, Allowing Him To Be Present for Nicki Minaj’s Delivery

I know I’m supposed to report the news and keep it moving, but thank God almighty that I work for self, that I am not held hostage by my fans and followers and that I’m not afraid to speak my mind and break the rules.

Today is a day that Nicki Minaj weighs heavily on my heart and mind, as earlier I posted a Goalcast video of her about her trials and tribulations in life.

Most of the world looks at Nicki Minaj as an IDOL, ICON, PERSON, BEING, ENTERTAINER, CELEBRITY and everything other than a human being.

Nicki has done amazing things with her life. Her rap career is historical. Her brand deals are historical, and the way she does business changed the game for women in the rap industry.

But that’s rarely what people talk about these days when mentioning Minaj. The talk of the blogs these days is always Nicki Minaj’s husband.

So before I tell you are the CRIME or the KRIME let’s start at the beginning.

Minaj announced that she officially married Kenneth Petty on Oct. 22, 2019, about a year after they started to date again. Love poured in from her fans, family, friends and her crazed Barbz.

Just a month before that Nicki had a moment of femininity and teased retirement from the music industry to start a family in September 2019, and spoke on completing the paperwork portion of her marriage to Petty. She missed the deadline to file the original marriage license paperwork.

The Pair Debuted Their Relationship in December 2018

A brunette Nicki Minaj uploaded two photos of herself with her nw man during a trip to Turks and Caicos in December 2018. “Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing happens? … It’s no secret … that both of us … are running out of time,” she captioned the snaps. In another photo, she took a mirror selfie with her beau. “Oh, they want to talk? Let’s give them something to talk about. *Shania voice,*” she wrote.

The Couple Got Their Marriage License in June 2019

Well, they got their first marriage license. They picked up their second one in August 2019. The Grammy nominee revealed their mishap the first time around when they didn’t walk down the aisle fast enough. “We still had to pick it up, and I was traveling, by the time I came back, we had to renew it again,” she said on August 12, 2019. “From that time, you have 90 days to get married. That was about a week ago, so now I have about 80 days.”

Their actual wedding date was October 21, 2019. Just one year after the couple reunited. They are now the  expecting their first child together. The Trinidad native announced the big news on Instagram, where she shared a photo of her pregnant belly. But how exactly did Kenneth and Nicki meet? Keep scrolling to learn more about the father-to-be.

Now, here comes the crash.

In November of 2019, Petty was arrested during a traffic stop , when a Beverly Hills officer discovered he had yet to register as a sex offender in California. Petty was ultimately released on $20,000 bond, but authorities say he never went through with the registration, as required under the 2006 Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA). 

Petty was facing charges for failure to register.

TMZ was first to report the indictment and also the first to report when he “finally registered.”

Nicki met Kenneth when she was just a teen.

As a registered sex offender, Kenneth Petty, 42, can be no where near kids.

So what is this all about? What are the details of the crime?

In the comments written of The Shade Room, Nicki says the crime happened when Petty was 15-years-old.

Nicki says the crime happened against someone Petty was in a relationship.

According to my research, Perry was convicted of rape in 1995 when he held a 16-year-old girl at knifepoint. He was convicted of rape in the 1st degree, sexual abuse in the 1st degree, unlawful imprisonment in the 2nd degree, assault in the 2nd degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree.

According to court records, the victim stated that she was walking down a street in Queens, New York when Perry came up behind her with a circular object that “made a clicking sound,” which she believed to be a handgun. He ushered her to his apartment then “forced her to enter the premises and to go upstairs into his bedroom.”

When police asked Perry about his relationship to the defendant, he had inconsistencies. Originally, he told police that he had never met the girl before. Afterward he claimed that he had met her at a bus stop and started a conversation with her. Later on, he told police that they were in a relationship and had consensual sex.

Kenneth Is a Registered Sex Offender and Was Convicted of Manslaughter

Kenneth is a level two registered sex offender in New York, and he was convicted of one count of first-degree rape. Kenneth was arrested on September 16, 1994, by the New York City Police Department Sex Offender Unit for having “sexual intercourse” with a 16-year-old female, according to New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services files obtained by Radar Online. He served 4-years-in a New York state prison. Additionally, Kenneth pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 2006 after he shot a man named Lamont Robinson in 2002. He spent seven years in prison and was released in 2013.

Perry served four years in a New York state prison for his crime and was required to register as a sex offender. In 2002, he served seven more years in prison after he was convicted of manslaughter for shooting a man.

On Saturday (Dec. 22), TMZ obtained details of the murder case. According to law enforcement sources, Petty ran down on a man named Lamont Robinson in April 2002 on a street corner in Queens, N.Y. He reportedly hopped out of his vehicle, walked over to his victim and shot him three times in the stomach before leaving the scene.

Robinson survived long enough to identify Petty as the shooter, but died a short time later due to complications from his wounds. Petty was initially charged with second-degree murder. He later pleaded out to first-degree manslaughter. Authorities believe the shooting was over a gang-related beef. Petty was eventually released in 2013.

When the world learned of Kenneth’s past, Nicki tweeted: “I love making you mad. Everyone on social media is now a psychic. They not only tell the future, but the past too. They are your judge, jury & executioner. I never meet these perfect ppl in real life tho. They exist only on social media.”

Now we are in August of 2020. A few weeks ago Kenneth submitted legal docs aking the judge to modify the terms of his pretrial release conditions so he can travel with Nicki periodically on business as her manager and attend the upcoming birth of their baby.

As you know, Kenneth recently registered as a sex offender in California. He currently has a curfew and his travel was restricted to California prior to the judge’s amendment.

The judge said yes.


Nicki met Kenneth when they were growing up in New York. “I met my husband when I was 17 out in Queens / If you love it, let it go, now I know what that means / While he was up North for a body / I bodied everybody and got known for my body,” she raps on her song “Zanies and Fools.” In February 2019, Nicki admitted there is a lot of history between the pair. “He’s known me since I was 14,” she said on her Apple Beats1 talk show, “Queen Radio.” “There’s a different level of passion and friendship with him.”

During one of the episodes of her show, Nicki also recalled the time when Kenneth got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend when they were in their teens. “I said be nice, I said we are not beating the s–t out of people,” she said in August. “That was my first love, babe. You need to stop. That was a couple of years into the relationship, that is why I was clarifying it. I think I was on my last year of school when you saw me at the bus stop, sweating me, but then our lives just took completely different turns.”

Nicki married Kenneth and promised to have a big wedding later. As to why she didn’t have a big lavish wedding, she told The Shaderoom: “You know when you’re a little girl and you want this big beautiful wedding, and I used to think I was one of those girls, I always wanted the fairytale. But then the things that used to matter to you don’t matter as much.”

And there you have it ladies and gentleman. The love story between Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Perry.

What people judge Nicki on is based upon her husband’s morals. Everyone commits sins. But the worst type of sins are the ones that hurt others. Everyone can understand that. But what everyone doesn’t realize is that any sin you commit in a way hurts others. Mostly because you deny others of meeting your highest self.

And then we have the grand Opera of things called INTENTION. Petty’s crimes were committed with the intention to hurt others.

So the question here isn’t necessarily about forgiveness. It’s about whether Petty has changed his consciousness and no longer does things that he knows will unrightfully endanger or hinder the life of another human being?

As to more gossip, many people say that Nicki married Kenneth because she needed someone to protect her, who wasn’t afraid of anyone.

What are your thoughts?

As to my thoughts. It appears that it’s slim pickings out here for black women. And most people online tease black women when they don’t decide to get married.

So, just incase you want a high value man and a healthy, conscious relationship, I’d suggest you purchase my new book.

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