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Are Teslas a Man’s Car or a Woman’s Car

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Are Teslas a Man’s Car or a Woman’s Car

The vehicle has had a struggle appealing to women, not many women are seen or really heard of getting a Tesla.
Tesla has many beautiful features for men and women that appreciate  pricey luxury vehicles, but often men talk more about them. Maybe because the vehicle comes with many technical features that men find amusing and some women just rather skip the multiple options and just keep it simple and pretty with a Benz.
Tesla’s are nice, but the vehicle doesn’t stand out like a Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar or a Porsche. Everyone has their own taste of luxury, and Teslas are great for owners that love to customize things to their liking. 
If you are a fan of speed Tesla Model S does 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. The basic HP of a Tesla is 450. The Lamborghini is .9 seconds quicker than a Tesla. Elon Musk created a great vehicle that is fast and has every option available to make your car function exactly the way you want it to. Even with Elon’s billionaire status he still isn’t a stranger to a sense of humor. His price for his vehicle is $69,420, so if you know you know. 

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