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TI & Tiny Respond To Sexual Abuse /3Sum Allegations



TI & Tiny Respond To Sexual Abuse /3Sum Allegations

A woman by the name of Sabrina Peterson accused Tiny & TI of sexually assaulting women during threesomes.

She posted a bunch of anonymous screenshots to her instagram stories.

I don’t know much about Sabrina. She went off on me in a room in Clubhouse, and told me that I couldn’t be a successful woman, once I said that boss chicks need to balance their femininity. She asked me what successful brands had I started.

I didn’t tell her about this one, cause I’m not into shouting matches or trying to prove myself.

With that being said, she has definitely been traumatized by someone and needs healing.

I don’t know if the allegations are true or not. I’m simply reporting the news now that Tiny & TI has responded.

For the original story hit the links to read them on B. Scott’s site.

Story 1 – Allegations

Story 2 – More Allegations

Story 3 – Peterson says TI put a gun to her head.

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