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Dr Umar Johnson responds to news that he married two women at same time


Dr Umar Johnson responds to news that he married two women at same time

Famed psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson is getting attention from all corners of the globe after news reports hit that he married two women at the same time.

The Philadelphia-based activist, known for being a leader in the Black community, was reported to have  tied the knot with two women on Saturday, September 11.

The photo and clip of the ceremony quickly went viral on the internet.

Johnson’s official Instagram account posted a photo of the marriage function that showed him donning a black suit with a white shirt and a black bowtie. He was seen standing between his two alleged brides that were seen dressed in matching, basic white outfits.

The caption of the picture, however, did not provide any details about a wedding. It instead promoted his upcoming training BootKamp in Brooklyn.

In the video, two unnamed women he hilariously called “Afrikan vanilla and Afrikan lemonade” can be seen walking down the aisle as a crowd looked on, and Johnson waited for his brides-to-be to meet him at the makeshift altar. Johnson proceeded to give a speech promising to honor his two wives throughout their “marriage.”

Here are Johnson’s words in full as spotted on Madame Noire:

“To my two lovely queens, I thank the creator for the both of you. Afrikan vanilla and Afrikan lemonade. I promise to honor you both forever. I will never leave your side. I shall never look upon another woman in any way other than a sister. I thank you for coming into my world, into my life. You are my goddess.”

“You are the only two women I need. You are the left side of my heart, and you are the right. Until the day we leave to be with our ancestors. I promise to always honor you as the goddess that you are. May God protect our family. May God bless our union.”

After his speech, Johnson gets down on one knee and proceeds to put rings on both women’s fingers, hugging and kissing them after being pronounced man and wives.

Twitter of course reacted.

Now on to the gag, as the KeKe would say.

dr umar johnson married 2 women



The real gag, is that he brilliantly received tons of free traffic to his page to promote his upcoming consciousness fest.

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