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Florida Mom Who Escaped Domestic Abuse Stabbing in 2015 Is Found Buried in Yard

Crimes Against Black Women

Florida Mom Who Escaped Domestic Abuse Stabbing in 2015 Is Found Buried in Yard

Authorities have recovered the body of a Florida mom of three who was missing since February, WJAX-TV reports.

LaDonna Williams
Credit: Facebook

People Reports: The body of LaDonna Williams, 41, was found buried in the backyard of a Jacksonville, Fla., rental home, according to the station.

On April 20, the owner of the rental property called 911 after he discovered a dead body while he was preparing his house for new renters, per the outlet. Loved ones identified her as LaDonna shortly after.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office believes LaDonna was murdered, but they are still trying to figure out how she was killed and by whom.

“She was a very good mother, she was a good mother to all my friends, my siblings as well,” LaDonna’s daughter Tammy Williams told WJAX on Monday. “She did not deserve to die like that.”

WJXT-TV had previously spoken to LaDonna in 2015, after she and her son reportedly survived a domestic knife attack.

“I wasn’t sure who was going to live and who wasn’t,” she told the station at the time. “I feel like my son put his life on the line for me and he very well could have lost his life.”

Now, family and friends have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help lay to rest the “independent, strong, motivated” mother they knew and loved.

“She lived life day by day ready for whatever God had planned,” the fundraiser description read. “She was the grandmother of two, soon to be four. She was a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to many. She was loved by everyone she met and kept faith in her heart.”

kissy denise black vegas blogger

A woman should not date ANY man who threatens you, especially not physically. Your children should never have to put their life on the line to protect you in your house from the man you’re dating. Don’t put your children in danger by dealing with an emotionally unstable man who fights women.

I once dated a man who got in my face in front of my son. That was the last day I saw that man. My life has been WAY better for it.

And the “independent, strong and motivated,” part of the story irked my nerves like no other. Extremely triggering. Being a strong, motivated, independent woman is simply a woman who works harder than she has to.   These labels keep so many black women single, thinking they should continue doing everything on their own. It’s unnecessary.

Lastly, getting into abusive relationships is a pattern. It often comes from deep masculinity in a woman, a lack of self-love or a generational curse that has to be broken.

Black women, take your LIFE and the development of HEALTHY relationships in your life serious.  Once you find some financial stability, start working on your self-love, communication, femininity and relationship patterns. Healing is a must.

Now for those who are still reading and are mad with what I said, let me write it out in pure English for you. No, I am not saying it’s this woman’s fault that she died. Us women are never at fault for anything. We’re always right. We can walk down down alleys at night and no one better touch us. We can slap men in the face, and he’d better not hit us back. Women can do whatever they want.

This is such a tragic story of this soul’s life. Please take these lessons.

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