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Tristan Thompson’s Baby Mama Mara Lee No Longer Has To Work – Courts Order $9,500 A Month Child Support


Tristan Thompson’s Baby Mama Mara Lee No Longer Has To Work – Courts Order $9,500 A Month Child Support

Tristan Thompson has reached an agreement in the paternity suit for his second-youngest child.

According to TMZ the cheating baller will shell out $9,500 a month to Maralee Nichols for their their 1-year-old son, Theo.

Which is only $114,000 a year.  Tristan has also agreed to cover a portion of Nichols’ lawyer fees.

The $9,500 may seem low considering his NBA contracts have totaled $100M over the span of his career — but he isn’t currently on a team and therefore not earning income, and income is the operative factor in determining child support.

Tristian signed a 2-year deal with the Boston Celtics in 2020 for $19 Million.  He is no longer on the team and is a free agent.

Maralee will have sole custody, with a visitation schedule set in the near future.

kissy denise black vegas blogger

This story has always been funny to me. Mara Lee played chess with Tristian and got him so comfortable that he was willing to bust in her, allowing her to come up on an 18-year child support check.

Society lies to women about what’s important. When it comes to LIFE and YOUR BODY, it is important to suck the right d*ck. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Women who don’t suck the right d*ck financially struggle while still sucking d*ck anyway, or thrive and end up paying their ex-husband half, or get taken to the cleaners by the ex.

You get to choose how your life will go.

Mara Lee Nichols now has a guaranteed 18-year-monthly income and she can start a business doing what she is PASSIONATE about. Not to mention she doesn’t have to worry about how she’s going to provide for her child. He’s going to receive THE BEST of everything.

As the baby mama of a baller, other HIGH VALUE men will also want her. Once you’re in the circle you are in the circle.

Don’t listen to women who don’t know this chess game.  Those are the women who let any man nut in her and she walked away with pennies and pain, instead dollars and gain. Not to mention Mara Lee now has FAME which can also be monetized.

This isn’t gold digging. It’s STANDARDS.

Kim Kardashian has her own money and yet she still receives $200,000 a month in child support from Kanye West.

Tristan was ordered to pay his first baby mama, Jordan Craig $40,000 a month in child support for their son Prince, 5, in 2019. Chances are he pays more than that to Khloe.

Mostly only black women don’t know this game called CHESS.

P.S. You can be a content creator online and make more than $10,000 a month.  Money is everywhere. It’s about how you choose to GET IT.

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