Atlanta C.O. upped her salary from $50K to $130K, in order to take care of a man, by falsifying overtime hours - Krime with Kissy
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Atlanta C.O. upped her salary from $50K to $130K, in order to take care of a man, by falsifying overtime hours

Wanquilla Anthony

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Atlanta C.O. upped her salary from $50K to $130K, in order to take care of a man, by falsifying overtime hours

They say know your worth plus add tax, but one woman took the saying too far.

ATLANTA – Wanquilla Anthony,  lost her job as a correctional officer at Fulton County Jail, after supervisors found out that she has been submitting fraudulent overtime time sheets.

According to sources familiar with an internal investigation, the allegations state that Anthony submitted time sheets for overtime she did not work, amounting to a substantial sum. Sheriff Pat Labat has fired Anthony, and ordered that she be charged with a violation of the oath of office. Anthony is also accused of forging signatures of supervisors on timecards.

Anthony, 33, waived her first appearance in court Wednesday, a day after investigators arrested and charged her with multiple felonies, including she was arrested and charged with numerous felony counts, including theft by taking, first-degree forgery, and violation of oath by a public officer.

By Wednesday evening she was still in jail.

Sheriff Pat Labat told Channel 2 Action News that the investigation began after his office conducted an audit focused on overtime pay, specifically looking at which employees were earning the most.

Investigators say, Anthony, who earns an annual salary of $50,000, collected $130,000 over the last year.

“It’s physically impossible for somebody to work those kinds of hours,” said Labat. “This particular young lady had falsified documents, forged those documents and in fact was stealing time.”

A Human Resources official contacted Anthony inquiring about the name of the sergeant who had signed her time sheets, but when officials spoke with that sergeant, he denied signing them, telling investigators that he hadn’t worked with her since 2021, according to an arrest affidavit.

Investigators say the sergeant signed a blank timesheet and his signature did not match the one on Anthony’s time sheet.

Another sergeant interviewed during the investigation told officials that she was surprised to learn that Anthony had earned six figures.

“She frequently calls out, saying her husband is sick and has to have surgery,” the sergeant told investigators during the interview.

The same sergeant also claimed that Anthony took a vacation day last month, but court documents confirmed that when they checked her timesheet, she reported she had worked 17 hours that day.

“This is not representative of the hundreds of women and men that work for the Fulton County Sheriff’s office,” added Labat. “I believe this is an outlier where somebody got greedy.”

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