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Body of missing woman found in storage unit belonging to cheating husband


Body of missing woman found in storage unit belonging to cheating husband

Winter Springs, Florida –  Authorities are investigating a woman’s disappearance as a homicide after they say they found her body in a storage unit registered to her estranged husband.

On November 9, Cory Hill posted a photo of himself and his wife with the caption “Mr. & Mrs. Hill.”

Two days later on November 11, his wife, Shakeira Yvonne Rucker would go missing.

Her family who reported her missing, said she left her home for “an unknown destination,” possibly with her estranged husband, Cory, at around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

“The family has not seen or heard from Shakeira since that day and believes that she may be in danger,” police said in a social media post.

Police said footage from the Saturday night captured Shakeira with Cory Hill, who was named a person of interest in her disappearance, at a Polk County restaurant.

On Wednesday, members of her family searched the area near the restaurant hoping for clues.

Shakeira Rucker, 37, mother of 4  was last seen alive November 11, 2023 having dinner with her ex husband Cory Hill.  It would be 6 days before her body was found.


The next day after his wife Shakeira went missing, at around 10:00 a.m. Corey Hill pulled up to his ex girlfriend’s house, fired several shots into her home narrowly missing her & her children.

She ended their relationship  after finding out he was married to Shakeira.

Shakeira Rucker’s estranged husband, Cory Hill, seen with Angel Milligan, whom investigators said Hill tried to kill on Nov. 12, 2023.

The people in the home say Hill appeared to be upset that his former girlfriend Angel Milligan had called Hill’s estranged wife, Shakeira Rucker, who was missing at the time of the shooting.

Angel also told deputies that Hill threatened her by saying she “would regret” calling Rucker.

Deputies said Hill fled that scene and was later arrested by Mount Dora police on charges of attempted murder.

Hill was booked in the Orange County Jail on November 13 and charged with four counts of attempted murder.

Detectives attempted to talk to Hill about his wife’s disappearance, but he refused to talk with them, leading them to name him a person of interest.

Her mom, Elaine Rucker, told FOX 35 that Shakeira sent a text message to her daughter that she was on her way home and had food for them. However, hours went by and Shakeira had not yet made it home, Elaine said.

Rucker’s daughter then called Elaine, her grandmother, who then called Hill. He reportedly told them that he had already dropped Shakeira off and did not know where she was.

“[Her] daughter got a text at 6 o’clock… 6:30 in the morning, saying, ‘I’m on my way’, and she never came. [It] could have been from him, could have been from her… “


On Saturday, Nov. 18, deputies were called out to a storage unit in Apopka on reports of an alleged smell coming from inside one of the units.

Sheriff John Mina said Sunday that deputies responded to a storage unit facility about 20 miles northwest of Orlando, around 5 p.m. Saturday after they received a 911.

When deputies opened the unit, they found a woman later identified as Shakeira Rucker dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

Authorities named Cory Hill, 51, as the prime suspect after investigators learned the unit Rucker was located in was registered to him, Mina said.

“The storage unit was registered to him, he had to have known we would eventually find her in there,” the sheriff said. “So it’s very, very disappointing.”

Cory Hill has now been charged with first degree murder of his wife.

The murder warrant reveals that investigators believe Shakeira Rucker was shot somewhere outside of the storage unit and then moved there. A fired cartridge casing was found in Rucker’s hair, officials said.

“There is evidence that the perpetrator attempted to conceal the body haphazardly by placing two tires in front of the body,” the murder warrant states.

New documents detail evidence from Nov. 12, which is the day after Rucker went missing.

Video surveillance from outside the storage unit, which was registered to Hill, reportedly shows Hill arrive at the storage facility around 6:30 a.m. with a person believed to be Rucker in the passenger seat of his vehicle. Twenty minutes later, the video reportedly showed him leaving with no one in the passenger seat.

“Rucker had recently discovered her estranged husband had been in a romantic relationship and living with another female. Rucker and the paramour learned they had both been deceived by Hill,” documents state.


This isn’t the first time Cory Hill committed murder.

In 1993 he was sentenced with second-degree murder.

A video showed Hill in December 1992 in Suffolk, Virginia. He was featured in a news report after his car was stolen with his 23-month-old daughter inside.

She was thrown out the window but fortunately survived.

What Hill did weeks later was seek revenge against a suspect, Dontwoine Everett.

Police say Hill went up to Everett’s home armed and began arguing with him out front, with the fight ending in Hill firing a fatal shot.

He was sentenced to 20 years in a Virginia jail on those charges. Records indicate he was released in 2005 and later moved to Orlando in 2016.


Rucker’s cousin Gouchy Daniel Smith said: Last time I spoke with her a few weeks ago she was telling me how happy she was to be back in her own place starting her life back over alone even if she had nothing I said everything that was taking away will come back triple GOD knows your heart don’t worry ugh I hate this I really do she was ready for her new journey bring her back home so she can be with her kids.

Gouchy wrote: “Why Cory Hill why Keira Thebraider she is so quite she didn’t go anywhere but church & work in be home with her kids all she wanted was to be in the presence of GOD 😭

It’s so scary leaving with someone you trusted your life with than never coming back home to your kids this could have been anyone.”

Shakeira Rucker, leaves behind 4 children, ages 7, 9, 16, and 18.

Her 18-year-old son has now taken on the responsibilty of raising his siblings. A GoFundMe has been started to assist them.

May Shakeira rip as her surviving kids are provider for.

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