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Summer Walker’s New Narcissistic Man Accused Of Harassment & Controlling Behavior By Several Women


Summer Walker’s New Narcissistic Man Accused Of Harassment & Controlling Behavior By Several Women

Summer Walker is back at it again, with another man who makes her look desperate.

On April 11.  Summer celebrated her 28th birthday singer and introduced her new bae  to the world.

When the “White Tee” singer debuted her new “man”  it took no time before social media users exposed him as a very narcissistic man.

Several women made serious allegations against Coop Cashington on social media.

What Did Summer’s New Man Allegedly Do?

The women have accused Cashington of being controlling, posting revenge porn, and harassment. Note that some of the posts happened after Summer and Coop went viral, while others took place in 2021.

It began with @AnaSofaKingCoo on X (formerly known as Twitter) claiming, “This is the man that exposed me in 2015!!! Most of the s*** that’s out there of me is without my consent, I sent it to him and he posted it when I said I didn’t wana talk to him no more.”

She continued, “Omg this n**** is crazy & evil! Miss B Nasty had an issue with his ass too smh.”

Miss B Nasty then chimed in. She clarified that she’s never met Coop in person but alleges he told other women they were an item.

She posted, “He was telling me he loved me and when I declined said he would pull up to my city and make me love him.”

Miss B continued, “He tells new models that we’ve dated and I’ve never met him.”

“He’s locked models out of accounts. And runs accounts like he’s the model,” she further explained.

Miss B Nasty added that that’s been the case “for a decade now.”

Similarly, @AnaSofaKingCoo stated Walker’s boyfriend also acted as if they were in a relationship but had never met.

She stated, “He got real crazy, real fast. He has serious issues.”

In 2021, another woman claimed that although she didn’t have an exclusive agreement with Cashington, he verbally assaulted her after she collaborated with someone else.

Miss B. Nasty replied to the woman’s message in Feb. 2021, typing, “he wants to keep every model to himself and tries to control all their social media and even tries to control their personal lives.”

“I wish more people would speak up about his harassment and “stalker-ish” p*mp ways,” she posted at the time.

Summer has not responded to the accusations against her bae. Yet she continues to share more footage of them together on her Instagram Story.

In a recent post, Summer and Coop were seen sharing a kiss, suggesting they’re enjoying a birthday trip in Mexico. This comes after Summer’s rollercoaster romance with Lil Meech, marked by ups and downs. Last August, leaked footage of Lil Meech entering another woman’s Houston apartment during a break in their relationship went viral. Earlier this year, despite briefly reconciling, they eventually decided to part ways for good.

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It’s evident that Summer Walker could benefit from boosting her self-esteem. It’s unsettling to see her move from one relationship to another, often without receiving the respect she deserves. Furthermore, her lack of consideration for her brand is concerning, as she seems to associate herself with random men without much thought.

The transition from Lil Meech to her current partner is bewildering. Despite her talent as a singer, Summer appears to lack refinement, class, femininity, and polish, which may limit her options to attract men who take her seriously for more than her money and fame.

Unfortunately, Summer consistently finds herself with men of low value, reflecting her own lack of self-worth.

It is what it is.

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