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North Carolina Woman & 2 kids found dead in Apartment and Car Trunk, Boyfriend captured hiding out in Tent Near Mexico Border in California

The Boyfriend Did It

North Carolina Woman & 2 kids found dead in Apartment and Car Trunk, Boyfriend captured hiding out in Tent Near Mexico Border in California

Charlotte, North Carolina – Benjamin Taylor is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of his girlfriend, Markayla Johnson and her children, 4-year-old Miracle Johnson and 7-month-old Messiah Johnson.

The story starts on March 3, 2024 when the family was reported missing by her family.

On March 5, family members and detectives arrived at the home in an attempt to locate Johnson. Detectives knocked, received no answer, and then left, documents state.

Later, a maintenance employee told detectives that he tried to enter the apartment, but the interior security lock stopped him. He opened the door, yelled into the apartment, received no answer, and then left.

On March 6, detectives were able to locate video surveillance of Taylor fleeing the State of North Carolina on a passenger bus.

A gruesome discovery

Friday, March 15

More than one week later on March 15, detectives applied for and were granted a search warrant. During the search, conducted at the apartment on Orchard Trace Lane. authorities found a deceased woman, later identified as Johnson, inside. Homicide detectives and crime scene units were called and responded to the scene.

Johnson was located in a large plastic storage container inside the home, court records state. Detectives also found multiple used air fresheners and candles.

Multiple fans were turned on and the AC unit was turned down to about 62 degrees, documents stated. Upon further examination, detectives said Johnson had apparent cords around her.

Saturday March 16

The next day on March 16, detectives searched Taylor’s vehicle, following an approved search warrant and towing of the car. Authorities said Taylor was operating the vehicle previously.

Inside Taylor’s vehicle detectives located his North Carolina ID and numerous paperwork in his name. The vehicle was locked and secured at the time of entry..

Detectives continued the search to the trunk, where they found 4-year-old Miracle Johnson and 7-month-old Messiah Johnson inside plastic bags, inside travel bags.

The search warrant states one of the children’s wrists was bound by a cord and multiple diapers were wrapped around her face and head.


That same day, The FBI  in California got a tip that Taylor was hiding out in  the middle of the Sonoran Desert, in an area known as Slab City, where you go not to be found; that a journalist says is known for lawlessness. 

Taylor’s arrest was filmed on body camera footage:

“Benjamin Taylor, we have a warrant for your arrest, come out with your hands up,” said a law enforcement officer in the body camera video released by the Imperial County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Office.

“Taylor, come out with your hands up,” said the deputy.

Slab City has multiple encampments for people living off the grid. Deputies found Taylor in a blue tent.

“He’s right there. Now, come out, come out, do not reach for anything, start crawling, move, let’s go, start crawling towards us,” said the deputies when they surrounded Taylor in the tent.

Less than a minute later, deputies pulled Taylor out.

“Knees up, let’s go,” the officers told Taylor as they surrounded him.

They loaded him in a pickup truck set for the Imperial County jail where he’s facing three counts of murder in Charlotte.

The body camera video shows deputies going through Taylor’s tent after he was arrested, finding prescription pills, a phone, and luggage.

“This is the bag he had in the picture from the airport,” said a law enforcement officer.

Taylor’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 26th.

There is so much going on with this story.  My intuition tells me that neither of the kids belonged to Benjamin. Not even the 7 month old.  Which says a lot about a woman dating a new man while having a newborn and in that short time span that same man killing her and her kids.

Benjamin has a long rap sheet including charges of cocaine possession and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Newly released search warrants said Johnson left Myrtle Beach this past fall to go to Charlotte and live with a man she met online.

Court documents reveal that back in November, Johnson’s family came to Charlotte from Myrtle Beach to take her and the kids back with them. At the time she was in an on-going abusive relationship with Benjamin.

They suspected Johnson was high on drugs and caring for the children when they picked her up.

The search warrants also said that in January, Johnson returned to Charlotte with the kids, and the family hadn’t spoken with her since around Jan. 20 other than text messages that seemed out of the ordinary for how Johnson would typically communicate.

Her  family said she was a good person.

I’ve written countless of these stories over the years and one thing I know is that being a good person won’t stop you from being abused. In addition any woman who stays in the home where a man is abusing her also allows her kids to be abused too. If a woman can’t put herself first, at least put the kids first.  It will save lives. 

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