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Uber Driver, 61, Shot Dead by 81-Year-Old Man Who Believed He Was Being Scammed

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Uber Driver, 61, Shot Dead by 81-Year-Old Man Who Believed He Was Being Scammed

William Brock, an 81-year-old Ohio man is charged with murder after he shot a female Uber driver he mistakenly believed was working with a scammer and attempting to extort him, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

On March 25, William Brock shot Loletha Hall, 61, several times outside his South Charleston home. Hall was taken to a local hospital where she died.

Brock told police that an hour prior to the shooting he had received several threatening phone calls from a male caller who claimed one of Brock’s relatives was being held in jail, and directed Brock to send $12,000 for bail or they would kill both him and his relative.

The caller initially asked Brock to wire money for the relative’s bond, and when Brock resisted, the caller began threatening to harm him and his family.  The scammer then told Brock a driver would arrive at his home to pick up the money.

Shortly after the call, the same scam caller used the UBER app to schedule a package pickup at Brock’s home.

Sadly, 61-year-old Hall would be the person who accepted the fatal pick-up inside the UBER app.  When she innocently arrived in at Brock’s residence,  having no idea of that scam that was going on, she parked her vehicle  facing Brock’s house, where her dashcam recorded the tragic scuffle that occurred.

‘A horrific tragedy’

Loletha had no knowledge of the scam calls made to Brock. Dashcam footage shows Loletha arriving at the home, getting out the car to speak to Brock.

When she got out of her Uber car, Loletha didn’t make any demands.  She explained why she was there, “Sir, I’m here to pick up a package.”

Brock pulled out a gun and said, “Yeah I know what you’re after.”

Brock demanded she tell him who had made the threatening calls and asked who she was working with.

A confused Loletha started backing away from Brock, telling him that she would call 911. Outside the camera view Brock takes Loletha’s phone as she’s attempting to get in her car and drive away.  But Brock wouldn’t let her leave.

He then shoots Loletha in the shoulder and a scuffle occurs. While she’s on the ground he shoots her two more times, then he calls 911.

Brock somehow sustained a minor head injury during the confrontation.

When Brock called 911 he said he had shot someone who was trying to rob him.  He believed Hall had a connection to the scam caller and would kill him and his family, according to a 911 transcript..

Hall was taken to a hospital but later died there from her wounds.  Her family said she was already suffering from medical issues.

Police released dashcam video obtained from Hall’s vehicle of Brock confronting her outside his home.

When officers arrived on the scene Brock’s landline phone kept ringing.  One officer picked it up and the man on the other line said he was an officer.   But he wasn’t. He was the scammer calling.  The officer cluelessly proceed to tell them scammer what just happened at the house and asked the caller to meet. The caller agreed and of course never showed up.

According to ABC7, police traced the phone number to Canada but believed it to be a burner number.

Brock was arrested and charged with murder as police saw no active threat presented by Hall during the encounter, and Brock failed to contact authorities for assistance, the sheriff’s office said.

Brock pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder and posted his $200,000 bond on Wednesday, according to court documents.

Uber has banned the account of the individual who ordered Hall’s Uber to Brock’s house, the company said. Authorities believe that individual was either the original scam caller or an accomplice, according to the release.

The company says it’s committed to the safety of Uber drivers and has developed safety features including an in-app emergency button, route sharing features and the ability to connect to a live safety agent.

William Brock, 81,  faces counts of murder, kidnapping and felonious assault in the indictment handed up Monday by a Clark County grand jury.

This is so sad. We have to take care of our parents so that they are not out here putting themselves in harms way. Loletha had medial conditions and it would’ve been nice had she been able to stay home and heal.   May her soul R.I.P.

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