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Jennifer Williams Ex Tim Norman Arrested For Murdering His Nephew

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Jennifer Williams Ex Tim Norman Arrested For Murdering His Nephew

Jennifer Williams has the worst taste in men. Her ex, Tim Norton was just arrested for being greedy as phuck, and killing his nephew.

Jackson, Mississippi – “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” star,  James Timothy Norman was arrested in a murder for hire plot straight out of a movie.

Norman, 41, was arrest by the FBI on Tuesday for his alleged role in the 2016 shooting death of Andre Montgomery … his nephew and Miss Robbie’s grandchild.

According to docs, prosecutors say Norman — who owns Sweetie Pie’s restaurant — took out a $450k life insurance policy on his nephew back in 2014 … and then worked with a woman named Terica Ellis to allegedly pull off the murder. The feds claim they communicated on burner phones in the days leading up to the killing in St. Louis.

On March 14, 2016, 21-year-old Andre Montgomery was found in a house, unconscious with a gunshot wound He was pronounced dead on the scene … There were no suspects.

Miss Robbie tells TMZ … the house where Andre was shot had a recording studio, and he was laying down a rap. She’s been told that during the recording session, Andre got a phone call to meet someone outside, and when he went out … that’s when he got shot.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors claim Ellis got Andre’s location the day of the murder … then placed a call to Norman. Shortly after that, on March 14, 2016 … Montgomery was shot at killed, and the feds claim they ping’d Ellis’ phone near the scene of the crime.

Immediately after Montgomery’s murder … Ellis allegedly called Norman, left town and deposited $9k in cash into various bank accounts. Prosecutors say Norman then contacted the life insurance company in an attempt to collect on the policy.

Ellis is facing the same murder-for-hire conspiracy charge as Norman.

Not surprising. I never did like his big hip azz. I was surprised that Jennifer Williams would even date him. But her problem is that she doesn’t see the Goddess in herself.

Killing someone for $400,000 is insane. Dozens of internet markers make that on a daily basis. It’s fascinating how humans are willing to harm other humans, simply for the sake of money. Money is something God willingly gives to all who ask.

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