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‘I cried watching my daughter,’ says father of woman who drowned while livestreaming on Facebook


‘I cried watching my daughter,’ says father of woman who drowned while livestreaming on Facebook

(CNN) The father of a Kenyan woman who drowned in a swimming pool in Canada while livestreaming on Facebook has spoken of his family’s loss.

Hellen Wendy Nyabuto could be seen in a video struggling to stay afloat after diving into the deep end of the pool last week.

The 23-year-old was working as a nurse in Toronto. In the  video which has since gone viral, she appears to be in high spirits as she swims from one side of the pool to the other.

She regularly takes intervals after each circuit to respond to comments and answer questions fielded on her live-stream chat.

She at one point makes subsequent trips from her side of the pool to the other but 10 minutes and 30 seconds into the video, she can be seen struggling to stay afloat after she seemingly strayed into the deep end of the pool.

The deceased attempted to make a dash for the side of the pool but she began to slowly submerge. She can be heard gasping for air before her cries for help went silent.

Her body was spotted hours later at the bottom of the pool. According to her brother, she drowned in Collingwood, Ontario, the town where she worked.

Hellen Wendy, was in a jovial mood while interacting with her friends on Facebook before the tragedy struck. She had swam for 10 minutes.

Just 10:33 minutes, after she began recording herself, Wendy started gasping for air and could be heard making gurgling sounds while kicking and screaming.

At 11:54 minutes she made the last sound as the video went silent and the water remained still. She was discovered three hours later.

Below is the video:


Her father Nyabuto John Kiyondi, 56 told CNN from his home in Kenya: “I watched that video. I cried. It is terrible.”

She communicated with me two days before she perished. She sounded very fine and I was very happy. She promised me a phone. I didn’t feel anything abnormal,” he said.

Nyabuto lived with her younger brother Enock in an apartment in Toronto and worked part-time as a health worker while studying nursing, her family said.

“She has been in Canada for about three years,” Enock, who is one of her five siblings said.

“All the financial responsibilities (of their family in Kenya) were on her,” he added.

In the evening, Canadian authorities called Nyabuto to inform him that Wendy was rushed to the hospital and was receiving treatment.

“She was assisting me financially to educate her siblings, particularly in terms of school fees and other expenses. I’m stuck now and back to square one. I’m wondering how her younger siblings will continue schooling,” Kiyondi told CNN.

All he now wants is his daughter’s body returned to Kenya.

“According to our tradition, one is supposed to be buried where he or she was born. I’ll not feel comfortable, psychologically, if my daughter is buried away from Kenya,” he said.

Repatriating Wendy’s body will take a toll on her family’s meager resources and Enock said they’ve started a

GoFundMe campaign to raise 50,000 Canadian dollars (around $38,000) to help with her burial costs.

“The family is going through a rough time now. All we want is for her body to be transported back home for burial,” he said.

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