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Teacher arrested for hitting student in the head with her purse

Herrington Felicita teacher


Teacher arrested for hitting student in the head with her purse

CUMMING, Georgia — A paraprofessional at a school in Cumming was arrested after police say she hit a student in the head with her purse.

According to the incident report, Cumming officers were called to The Futures Program on Tuesday morning.

WSBTV reported: The school’s principal told officers that a 10-year-old had gotten upset with 56-year-old Felicita Herrington that his math class wasn’t running on time and began yelling and throwing things at her. The principal reported that at one point, the male student pushed her and Herrington hit the student with her purse.

Herrington who is a teacher’s assistant, told police that the teacher was stuck in a meeting, so she put math problems on the board to occupy the students, but the 10-year-old began pushing tables around.

The teacher came back a short time later and left again to make copies, the incident report reads. The teacher reported that when she came back into the room, she heard Herrington say, “If you hit me, I’ll hit you with my purse.”

The teacher reported seeing the student jump at Herrington and she swung her purse at him. She stated that the boy kept charging at Herrington until she was able to get him out of the room.

Herrington told police that she did not intentionally swing her purse at the boy, but admitted it may have hit him while she was swinging it around.

The student’s eye was red and puffy, but there were no other injuries, according to the incident report.

Officers ultimately arrested Herrington and charged her with one count of cruelty to children.

If you are going to be a teacher, you must have amazing conflict negotiation skills, or let these kids beat you up.

If definitely wasn’t fair to arrest her.

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