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Head Hot Girl Megan Thee Stallion Sued By Ex CameraMan Forced To Watch Her Having Sex In Moving Car


Head Hot Girl Megan Thee Stallion Sued By Ex CameraMan Forced To Watch Her Having Sex In Moving Car

Megan Thee Stallion seems to be living down her title of being the Head Hot Girl.  She got herself into some “real hot girl sh*t!

The rapper is being sued by a former employee who accused the Texas native of creating an unbearable hostile work environment and subjecting him to sexual harassment.

Emilio Garcia, who previously served as Stallion’s personal camera operator, claimed he witnessed Stallion having sex with another woman while she was “right beside” him in an SUV while on tour in Ibiza, Spain, in June 2022.

The following day, Stallion allegedly asked Garcia if he was in the SUV the previous night. Once he confirmed, Stallion instructed Garcia, “Don’t ever discuss what you saw,” according to court documents.

During the same trip, Garcia claimed that Stallion, whose full name is Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, also “berated and directed her fat-shaming comments towards” him.

The “Hot Girl Summer” singer allegedly called him a “fat b—-” and told him to “spit your food out,” and that “you don’t need to be eating,” docs stated.

Garcia had been working with Stallion since 2018. He claimed he was “purposefully misclassified” as an independent contractor, and hours of employment were not properly recorded.

“As a result of misclassification, Plaintiff was not permitted to take rest and meal breaks,” docs stated. “Many times, Plaintiff worked over five consecutive hours without a thirty-minute meal break.” In addition, Garcia was “not paid meal or rest break premiums,” which were in violation of California Labor Codes.

Garcia said his responsibilities as a personal cameramen forced him to “take on a myriad of duties and work much longer hours.” He specifically worked “in excess of 50 hours under the close scrutiny and explicit discretion of Stallion, who continuously contacted Plaintiff at all hours, directing him to brainstorm TikTok videos, to edit content that Plaintiff had not captured, and complete various assignments,” according to the suit.

His pay structure changed from a flat, $4,000 monthly rate to a “pay-per-task” system invoiced per assignment, and Garcia “saw a decrease in the number of bookings he received,” the docs stated. After he confided to a makeup artist about quitting, Garcia was terminated in July 2023.

“Plaintiff grapples with mounting anxiety, depression, and physical distress stemming from the toxic work environment, compounded by the trauma of unpaid work,” according to the complaint.

“Megan just needs to pay our client what he’s due, own up to her behavior.” attorney Ron Zambrano, partner and Employment Litigation Chair at West Coast Employment Lawyers, said in a statement provided to Fox News.

“Emilio should never have been put in a position of having to be in the vehicle with her while she had sex with another woman. ‘Inappropriate’ is putting it lightly. Exposing this behavior to employees is definitely illegal.”

Megan’s attorney, Alex Spiro, said in a statement.”  This is an employment claim for money – with no sexual harassment claim filed and with salacious accusations to attempt to embarrass her. We will deal with this in court.”

Unless Emlio is REALLY BIG and over eats, I don’t believe Megan fat shamed him. I feel he added that in for effects and to make people take his side.   Megan is a pretty tall women and literally has to go to the gym to stay in shape. So I just can’t picture her saying that to him.

Although we don’t know what happened.  I will say that anyone in Megan’s position has to treat their employees better and act with grace like Beyonce.   A part of being a star is kindness.

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