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Azealia Banks Goes In On Beyoncé, Says Kim Kardashian is The Smarter One Without Jay Z

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Azealia Banks Goes In On Beyoncé, Says Kim Kardashian is The Smarter One Without Jay Z

Azealia Banks does not hold her tongue when it comes to speaking about Beyoncé, or anyone else for that matter.

She will roast anyone.  But this month,  the New York rapper laid into Beyoncé, her husband Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian and many others in the music industry.

Her social media rant started on her Instagram story, reposting a message that read, “Kim Kardashian Says a Vegan Diet Helps With Her Psoriasis. We Asked an RDN to Weigh in.”

Banks then wrote, “Wasn’t she just eating cheese n sausage with Fleet Davidson?” referencing Kim’s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

She continued, “Sis [you] need some REST, a bar of count contessa and a high dose of some kind of sulphuric compound everyday. Also, we noticed [you] drinking alcohol. Vegan ain’t gonna save [you] while you’re drinking alcohol ma’am.”

In her next post, the “Luxury” rapper shifted her focus to Queen Bey writing, “You have to give Kim her props for making to 40 still looking better than all of her contemporaries and about 88% of young women. I never in a million years thought Kim K would look healthier, more alert, more sober and overall happier and in control of her shit than Beyoncé.”

The criticism of Bey doesn’t stop there. Banks then proceeds to take shots at Beyoncé and her relationship with Jay-Z.

In one of the posts she wrote, “Hate comparing but Bey really dropped the ball on aspirational pieces. She looks sooooo obviously sad with Jay-Z. And watching that energy drain her year after year just turns me off from how powerful she seemed to me as a kid.”

She later wrote, “She out grew him about ten years ago but lowkey too prideful to let another bitch have him… BEYONCÉ TAKE A BREAK PLEASE.”

Banks continued her potion of emotions in many more posts that you can read below.

A writer for The Root wrote:

“In a weird way, I think Banks is genuinely concerned for Beyoncé. But she’s expressing it in all the wrong ways. Comparing her to Kim Kardashian and taking shots at her husband, with whom she has three children, is not the way to do so and probably won’t change anything.”

Beyoncé is thriving at the top again thanks to her Renaissance album that fans can’t stop listening to.

But Banks had something to say about that too.

Although you may not necessarily like what Banks has to say about Beyonce, she didn’t come up with this out of the blue.

Her latest Beyoncé rant came shortly after an inside source told Metro UK that Beyoncé listened to “early Azealia Banks” amongst other Black dance music artists during the Renaissance brainstorming sessions.

“Beyoncé has been trying to write me out of my own narrative for, like, years at this point,” Azealia openly revealed in audio recently posted to her IG Stories (seen above). The 31-year-old rapper went on to add, “Are you trying to encapsulate my music in time and say and say like, you know, it’s vintage or something, as if my last three releases have not whipped your ass. Are you kidding? As if I’m not showing major versatility and all of that. You want me to not be Yemaya so fucking badly. You want it to be Solange. You want it to be Chloe Bailey [in the] Little Mermaid movie, and you don’t include Azealia Banks? Like, oh my fucking God. You’re a joke.”

Here’s what else Azealia Banks had to get off her chest about Beyoncé in full below, via Instagram:

“You’re so sneaky. You’re trying to erase my contributions to house music, dance music, electronic music and all that and make it as if I’m…God knows who. Just encapsulate me in time. You’re a fucking creep. You’re a fucking creep, Beyoncé. And you watch everything I do.”

Back In 2017 Banks apologized to Bey for one of her rants.

Azealia Banks Apologizes To Beyoncé

kissy denise black vegas blogger

Lord help her! We don’t know if Azealia has a ton of money or not. Beyoncé is worth $450 Million, while Kim Kardshian is worth $1.8 Billion.

Azealia’s net worth is listed at $2 Million.

One thing about her, is the rapper has been at this whole ranting and dissing people thing for over a decade. It hasn’t manifested her a tv show, a new record deal, a commercial, an endorsement deal or anything to expand her brand.

Bey and Kim both speak very positive in the spotlight.

Her antics used to be entertaining. But not anymore. Her fans want to see her WIN.

It’s time for Azealia to stop and go the other way. A total transformation is necessary. Sis needs a life coach and a branding strategist. Otherwise whatever talent she has is going to waste. Meanwhile Kim & Beyonce are both excelling, building legacies.

Even though Banks gets attention for her rants, rarely does it make people go listen to her music. The point of generating attention whether good or bad is to call attention to your business and generate profit. Perhaps no one explained that strategy to Banks.

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