Tank Says He Was Blown Away By Kelly Rowland's Vocal Talent & That Destiny's Child Was "Set Up To Adore Beyoncé" - Krime with Kissy
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Tank Says He Was Blown Away By Kelly Rowland’s Vocal Talent & That Destiny’s Child Was “Set Up To Adore Beyoncé”

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Tank Says He Was Blown Away By Kelly Rowland’s Vocal Talent & That Destiny’s Child Was “Set Up To Adore Beyoncé”

While most people try to be politically correct and stay getting ignored, Tank continues to keep himself in the spotlight with his mouthpiece, and I’m not talking about his singing.

The R&B singer/songwriter incurred the wrath of the BeyHive when he shared his thoughts of Kelly Rowland being overlooked for Destiny’s Child lead singer Beyoncé during a recent episode of Revolt’s Drink Champs.

When co-host N.O.R.E asked if Tank worked with Beyoncé, the “Compliments” artist corrected him and said he collaborated with Rowland.

“I worked with Kelly Rowland and I was completely thrown the f–k off. Because we always want to give the credit to Beyoncé, who is Beyoncé — the greatest of all time,” he added.


“And I was sitting in the studio like ‘Do y’all hear these harmonies? Do you hear her voice? The texture, the changes and dynamics — are y’all hearing this?’ I never knew!” he continued, taken aback by Rowland’s powerhouse talent. “Cause I gave all the credit to Beyoncé. That’s how the business of Destiny’s Child was set up. To adore Beyoncé.”

While the “Maybe I Deserve” crooner wasn’t intentionally attempting to downplay Beyoncé’s vocal prowess or success, Tank appeared to give Rowland her flowers, apologizing for the music industry ignoring her technique and talent. 

However, Twitter weighed in with their opinions about Tank’s comments…

For this post you actually have to LISTEN to what he said to hear the full context of his explanation of how awesome Kelly is and her contributions to Destiny’s Child.  He wasn’t hating. He was simply being honest.

When Kelly Rowland dropped “ICE” I was really feeling that song.  Many D.C. fans actually preferred Kelly due to her darker skin. I remember people having arguments saying Kelly was prettier than Beyonce.   Back then Kelly didn’t have her LOOK together the way she’s found it now.

Everyone picked their favorites. Beyonce is a phenomenal performer with excellent branding, management work ethic, looks, execution and everything else.

She’s more than a singer or an entertainer. She’s an ICON. It is what it is. That always comes from having a TEAM behind you.  Kelly was raised as Beyonce’s sister, so of course she’s going to give her some ism. Kelly is also worth $12 Million. It’s nothing to a boss.

Let these women live.


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