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10-Year-Old Girl Shot Neighbor Dead In Head For Messing With Her Mother, Who Will Now Stand Trial

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10-Year-Old Girl Shot Neighbor Dead In Head For Messing With Her Mother, Who Will Now Stand Trial

You’re probably expecting this story to be about a trifling mother, but this one goes just a little different.

Lakrisha Isaac and Lashun Denise Rodgers argued and threw punches one night, and then Isaac’s daughter fatally shot Rodgers in the head say cops..

Just before midnight on May 30, 2022 offer with the Orlando Police Department arrived at an apartment complex in response to a shooting report.

There they found 41-year-old Lashun Denise Rodgers lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the head.

The affidavit recounted a tragic incident that unfolded at an apartment complex, resulting in the loss of a life. According to the document, officers attempted to save the victim, Rodgers, by administering CPR until paramedics arrived. Sadly, despite their efforts, Rodgers passed away after being admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

Meanwhile, the police were conducting an investigation into the events leading up to the incident. They spoke to witnesses, including Rodgers’ boyfriend, who revealed that on the night of the incident, he and Rodgers were outside grilling to celebrate Memorial Day and the long weekend. During this time, Lakrisha Isaac approached Rodgers and initiated an argument stemming from a recent dispute between them.

As tensions escalated, physical violence ensued, with both Rodgers and Isaac exchanging punches. Rodgers’ boyfriend intervened and tried to remove her from the situation, but she attempted to engage with Isaac again. Tragically, during this heated moment, Isaac’s 10-year-old daughter, who had been present but silent until then, allegedly pointed a gun at Rodgers and fatally shot her in the head.

The young girl exclaimed that Rodgers shouldn’t have hit her mother.

Subsequent accounts from neighbors provided a similar version of events. One neighbor witnessed the argument and physical altercation through her peephole, corroborating the sequence of events leading up to the fatal shooting.

After the incident, Isaac was taken into custody, and during the interrogation, she chose to exercise her Miranda Rights, refusing to provide any statements. Her daughter, however, did speak to the investigators, providing her perspective on the events of that tragic evening.

According to her daughter, Isaac was intoxicated and wanted to speak to Rodgers “woman to woman.” Despite being instructed to stay in the apartment, the daughter followed her mother and witnessed the argument. She claimed to have seen someone hitting Isaac with an unknown object, leading to an injury on her head. In response, the daughter believed that Rodgers struck Isaac with the object.

Inside Edition reports: The daughter also observed someone “hold a rock in her hand while in the argument with Isaac,” according to the affidavit. Lakrisha denied having any cuts or injuries when asked by police, the affidavit alleges.

Then, the affidavit says that the daughter told police Rodgers made a threat to her and her family.

“[Isaac’s daughter] heard Rodgers say she will bring her family to jump Isaac. When [Isaac’s daughter] heard this, she said she became angry, due to having anger issues. [Isaac’s daughter] pulled the firearm away from Isaac’s friend and aimed it above Rodgers’ head,” says the affidavit. “[Isaac’s daughter] stated she shot one time and saw Rodgers fall down.”

The 10-year-old told police that at this point, Isaac’s friend took the gun and fled from the scene.

Prosecutors charged the daughter with second-degree murder. She is charged as a juvenile and has been in a detention center since the incident after a judge refused her request to be released with an ankle monitor in June of last year.

Lakrisha Isaac was released on bond but faces several serious charges, including manslaughter by culpable negligence, aggravated assault with a firearm, neglect of a child, and negligent storage of a firearm within a child’s reach. She pleaded not guilty to these charges and is scheduled to appear in court soon, where a jury will hear the evidence and make a decision. The opening arguments are set to begin on Aug. 14.

The State Attorney, Monique Worrell, expressed her deep sorrow, deeming this case as one of the most tragic she has encountered throughout her 22-year career. She acknowledged that the incident is an unimaginable tragedy and acknowledged the complexity of finding a simple solution to such a devastating event.

Yet, they are charging the mom, when this is clearly not her fault…

What are your thoughts?

You can view the deceased’s Facebook page here.

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