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Young Woman shot in back of head while being caught giving another woman’s baby daddy head

Dating The Wrong Man

Young Woman shot in back of head while being caught giving another woman’s baby daddy head

A woman decided to give a another woman’s man head, in front of her face, and got shot in the back of the head.

On  Monday, Sept. 11. around 6 a.m. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, officers in the neighborhood would happen upon the strangest story and end up arresting a woman for murder.

The story starts when the child’s father of Michelle Silas, 31, arrived as Michelle’s home at about 2 a.m. and let himself in with a key.

When he arrived at Michelle’s’ home, she was not there. The kids were all asleep. He made himself some food and then called a female friend and invited her to come over.

The female friend, who he has known for 2-3 years, arrived at about 4 a.m., they sat in the living room talking, and then they went into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, they began to have sex.

They were interrupted by Michelle banging on her own front door. She was not able to get in her apartment,  because he had put the chain on the door. He let Michelle into the house. She was upset and was asking him what was going on. He told her that he was “fucking” and he asked her to come join them. Michelle did come with him to the bedroom, and he resumed having sex while Michelle watched.

Michelle was in the room with them for about 10 minutes. He was then sitting on the floor while the female friend was giving him oral sex. At that time, Michelle was standing over his right shoulder.

Michelle then shot the female in the back of the head, causing her to bite his penis. He then jumped up and started screaming at Michelle who then ran out of the room and started to round up their children to leave.

He went back to the female to check on her and found that she was bleeding and lifeless. He then ran after Michelle to try to stop her from leaving. He saw that Michelle had put the gun on a table, so he picked it up. He went outside after Michelle, who had loaded the three children into her van.

Milwaukee police officers in the area for an unrelated matter, heard a commotion and witnessed “a naked male with blood between his legs” near a minivan “yelling at Michelle not to leave.” Police say the man was holding the weapon allegedly used by Michelle

He dropped the gun, and Michelle got out of the van screaming at her baby daddy (BDJ) and told police what happened.

The following conversation occurred between Officer Huck and Michelle:

Officer Huck: What’s going on?

Michelle: I just got home, I just got home … he was hitting on me, I got, I got scared for my life. I didn’t mean to shoot, I just wanted him to move and he … I shot the girl that’s upstairs.

Officer Huck: You shot, you said the what?

Michelle: It’s, it’s a girl upstairs, it’s a woman upstairs. I came home, he was having sex with her. I was watching him, I was like how could you do this? I was just, I was angry, I was yelling at him. He started hitting me, I was …

Officer Huck: Alright, hold on. So you shot the girl upstairs?

Michelle: I didn’t try to.

Officer Huck: Okay, but you did …

Michelle: Yes.

Michelle Silas was then placed into custody, and Officers Huck and Hensley entered Michelle’s’ home, 2332 W. Linwall Ln. In a bedroom of the home, Officer Huck observed the body of a female, facedown in the bedroom. Members of the Milwaukee Fire Department responded to the scene and found the female had sustained a gunshot wound to the back of her head, and at the base of the neck. She was pronounced deceased.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s office identifies the homicide victim as 22-year-old Destiny Carter of Milwaukee. She was found in a bedroom with two gunshot wounds to the head and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Destiny’s body was taken to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy, and on September 12, 2023, an autopsy was performed by Dr. Lauren Decker of the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office.

During the autopsy, Dr. Decker observed the following injuries to Destiny Carter: (1) An entrance gunshot wound to the right forehead.The bullet travelled through the skull, brain, base of the skull, oral cavity, neck, and left lung. The trajectory was right to left and steeply downward, and a 124 grain projectile was recovered in the left lung.

(2) An entrance gunshot wound to the back of the neck. The bullet travelled through the neck, spine, and left breast. The trajectory was right-to-left back-to-front, and downward, and a 128 grain projectile was recovered in the left breast.

On the morning of September 11, 2023, BDJ was transported to Froedtert Hospital due to a laceration to his penis.

Michelle Silas made her initial court appearance Friday, Sept. 15. Her cash bond was set at $100,000.

You can read the criminal complaint here.

Honestly, it’s easy to imagine the rage that Michelle must have felt, watching the man she loves engage in such a way with a younger woman.

Do you think she will get off? I don’t because she shot twice instead of once…. 

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