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Draya Michele’s Baby Daddy Jalen Green Already Had Another Baby This Year


Draya Michele’s Baby Daddy Jalen Green Already Had Another Baby This Year

Just when you think that Draya Michele pulled off a miracle, the truth hits the surface, as revealed by TMZ.

Houston Rockets draft pick Jalen Green came into the NBA a few years ago and is already using his $40 Million salary to build his legacy.

We’ve learned that one month before Draya Michele announced her pregnancy in March, Jalen had celebrated, the birth of his first child with a 23-year-old California student, Myah Iakopo. She delivered a beautiful baby girl named Peace Moira on February 12th.


TMZ Sports confirms that there’s no tension surrounding the situation.

Sources close to the situation note that while Green and Iakopo were never in a serious relationship, Green is committed to being an active part of his daughter Peace Moira’s life and will provide financial support as needed.

Shortly after announcing her pregnancy, Draya came under fire for her relationship with Green. Draya, 39, is nearly 20 years older than Green, who is 22. Adding fuel to the fire, the soon-to-be mother of three has a son who is only one year younger than the NBA baller.

Following the Houston Rockets’ blowout win against the Washington Wizards on Tuesday (March 19), Green spoke with a reporter about both his individual and team’s performance after tying his career-high of 41 points.

Near the end of the interview, the West Coast native was asked what has been the source of his motivation following the NBA All-Star break, a period during which the third-year guard has excelled and turned in some of his most productive showings yet.

Green, who unveiled a tattoo of Michele’s name on his lower stomach, would attribute the “motivation” that’s fueled his game to his “family” and his “baby.”

People assumed that he was speaking on his unborn baby with Draya, but now you know.

kissy denise black vegas blogger

I was talking to a girl and she seemed astonished that men like Green would “squander” their wealth by getting beautiful women pregnant, and committing to 18-years- of child support.

Let’s just say that Dray and the other girl both get $20,000 a month in child support a month. That’s $4,320,000 a piece over an 18-year period. Which is $8,640,000. Which leaves Jalen with $31,360,000 of his contract, plus he may get brand deals. 🤷🏽‍♀️

It’s his money, not mine. I have no comment on that, nor can I say what I would do if I was in a male body with $40 Million at the age o 22… I don’t think we can expect him to make bright decisions.

As to the women, who doesn’t want a baby by an NBA player????  That position does come with a eertain level of fame and notoriety.   Rick Ross’s baby mama Tia has quite a following online now, due to being Ross’ baby mama.  In a way these women are putting themselves in position to win.   In fact we are talking about these two ladies right now, due to them having a baby by a baller.

The next man they meet will know that their vagina is good enough to score a baby with a baller. Bow WoW’s baby mama showed you how that works.  Men will value these women way more than the value a woman with a baby by some random guy I suppose.

But to older women, the boss chicks, life is about more than scoring a baby with an NBA baller. You want love, family, marriage and happiness. But for women like Draya no matter how old they get they seem to still be dealing with the same things… Which is men with multiple women.

For $20,000 a month. Would you share a man is the question?

For me personally, I feel it’s important to remember that Draya’s dreams may not be your dreams. Many people place their own dream life expectations on the shoulders of others, when that’s not what other people want.

Celebrity women who netted ballers used to be the women to look up too. But not anymore.

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