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Keyshia Cole Embarrasses Herself On Social Media After Her Man Hunxho Showed Up Next To Another Woman


Keyshia Cole Embarrasses Herself On Social Media After Her Man Hunxho Showed Up Next To Another Woman

Earlier today, rapper Gloss Up, unleashed her music video for her new collab with Hunxho, “Come Here.” Most fans are feeling the track, including Hunxho’s girlfriend Keyshia Cole.  But what Cole isn’t feeling are the visuals and the promotion that Gloss Up is doing….

The video showcases Gloss Up and Hunxho in various scenes, including twerking together and hanging out in a bathtub. Despite Cole and Hunxho confirming their relationship recently, the steamy video has left fans puzzled.

The situation gets more complicated as Gloss Up, allegedly Hunxho’s “sneaky link,” throws shade at Keyshia Cole on social media. “You Know What It Is In Real Life . 4L StinkaLink  ‘Come Here’ Out Now Link In Bio,” she posted.

Keyshia Cole responded by reactivating her account and expressing her disapproval. “Him being Yo ‘sneaky link’ When U have a ‘Man you bout to marry’ is nasty work,” she said, adding laughing emojis. “But I wish u all the best on your project Love. I was actually rooting for the video to come out.”

Keyshia clarified that the photos were taken before she and Hunxho became official, but Gloss Up continues to provoke her on Twitter. She retweeted a post claiming that Hunxho “was gloss up man first.”

Keyshia Cole’s ex, Antonio Brown, also chimed in on the drama.

Later, the ‘I Should Have Cheated’ singer shared, “The way people wanna see the next unhappy and miserable is forever crazy to me. But I know how this Hollywood shit go. I’m not surprised. But ion wish nothing but Love, prosperity, health and happiness for ALL YALL.”

Hunxho seemed to react to Keyshia’s social media deactivation by simply stating, “Y’all Hell,” with a crying face emoji.

Additionally, Keyshia’s ex, retired NFL player Antonio Brown, took to Twitter amid the exchange and wrote, “Keyshia Cole Come” with a purple devil emoji and two hands creating a heart.

Gloss Up Responds

Furthermore, the Memphis rapper decided to get a jab in on Keyshia by tweeting, “My Mom Taught Me To Respect My Elders…. I Was With Him Last Night & Saw You Crying Blowing Up His Phone.”

Then Keyshia popped up with Huncho on FaceTime….

I feel like i’m getting too smart to write these celebrity blogs….

If this is a publicity stunt, I’m going to need Keyshia Cole to do better.  Cause chile, I never even heard of Huncho until he popped out with Keyshia.  Actually I never even heard of this GLO girl either, but she looks no comparison to Keyshia’s status.

And if it is a paid promotion, then why was Keyshia mad at Scrappy for saying so, or was that part of the promo too? Or did Keyshia totally not know that she was simply a promo deal????

Either way, I’m starting to cool on Keyshia Cole. The woman has no respect for herself. She continues to put herself next to men who embarrass her. May as well had of stayed with Boobie. At least he took her serious.

This is obviously bringing a lot of attention to the song by two artists I never even heard of. So hopefully Keyshia was compensated tremendously for the unnecessary embarrassment to her reputation.

Sidenote:  Glo got that flo! Hear her new song with Hunxcho below.

In a world full of Keyshia Cole’s be Beyonce…. Cause I can not! Keyshia is online looking like she lost her man to a woman in cheap white tank top dress, with a voice like Glorilla’s…

What are your thoughts on Gloss Up’s new video and photos with Hunxho? And how do you feel about Keyshia Cole’s reaction?

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