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Texas Mom Found Dead in Mexico With All Her Teeth Removed

Lizbeth Flores

Crimes Against Women

Texas Mom Found Dead in Mexico With All Her Teeth Removed

A Texas mother-of-two was found in Mexico — dead, tortured, with all of her teeth removed — one day after she was reported missing.

On August 9th, Lizbeth Flores, 23, traveled from Brownsville, Texas to the Mexican border city of Matamoro to presumably meet her boyfriend, her mother, María Rubio, told Telemundo.

Flores told her mom that she would return that same night. But, when she was nowhere to be found the next day, Rubio reported her missing.

On August 11th, authorities in Matamoros found Flores’ bruised, tortured body with all of her teeth removed. ABC affiliate KRGV-TV reported.

She died of blunt force trauma to the head, police said consistent with a large rock that was found nearby.

She had crossed the border via Veterans International Bridge on Sunday shortly after 5 PM to meet her boyfriend, telling her mother she would be back that night.

When she didn’t return, her frantic mother called police — but because she had left the country, all they could do was file a missing person’s report.

“It was 11, 12, 1, 2, and I kept calling her to find out where she was and why she hadn’t gotten home, and I couldn’t sleep all night because I was waiting up for her,” her heartbroken mother María Rubio told KRGV.

She believes she fell victim to attempted extortion by a gang of kidnappers.

“She had signs of violence, she was brutally tortured, she was kidnapped, I don’t know who did it… you don’t do that to a young lady,” she sobbed. “All she did was go from work to home.”

“I’m asking for justice for what they did to my daughter – she did not deserve this.”

“I feel such sadness because of what they did to my daughter,” Rubio told Telemundo in Spanish. “The way they left her… The pain that my daughter went through there, in that moment. That’s what hurts.”

She called for anyone involved in her daughter’s death to be brought to justice.

“She was young. She had many things in front of her, and more because she had two children,” Rubio said. “I want that, what they did to my daughter, everyone that took part in her death, I want them to pay.”

Flores’ body remains with a forensic examiner in Matamoros; the FBI are now investigating.

I bet she met the guy on the internet. Be careful with the men you meet online. Get to know them first.

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