Tyrese FAKE Breaks Up With Girlfriend Zelie Timothy and posts Neeked Photo Of Her In Tub As Farewell Message - Krime with Kissy
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Tyrese FAKE Breaks Up With Girlfriend Zelie Timothy and posts Neeked Photo Of Her In Tub As Farewell Message

Tyrese Zelie Timothy

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Tyrese FAKE Breaks Up With Girlfriend Zelie Timothy and posts Neeked Photo Of Her In Tub As Farewell Message

Just 6 months after announcing their relationship, Tyrese and his girlfriend Zelie Timothy pretend to announce their break-up.

The superstar posted a naked video of the model in the bathtub to make the fake farewell announcement.

In the caption, Tyrese said,

“We had so much potential. We really did. I wish you well, ending on a goo; endings a good thing….. [ link in the bio ] I will forever love you @zelietimothy cheers to you!!”


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Many fans believe that Tyrese needs to get a relationship coach, after a string of failed marriages and relationships.

💋 In my third eye opinion, the fact that he tagged her in the post, allowing her follower count to further grow says that Tyrese cares about Zelie a lot and wants her to win in life.

💡 Tyrese is intentionally helping Zelie increase her market value.

🧠 The difference between dating a regular guy and a celebrity man who shows you off, is that HIGH VALUE FAMOUS MEN who actually pay bills will now court Zelie the same way they do with Lori Harvey.

Which now increases her visibility/brand value and allows her to make money faster from whatever products and services she sells. Even women will buy. She wins no matter what.

So she won’t be hurt for too long.

Completely different story from women who waste time in relationships with 50/50 men who have her pay half the bills, still cheat, doesn’t respect her, and doesn’t further her business or brand.

Heck, most 50/50 men actually embarrass and diminish their woman’s business and brand with their antics, while Tyrese, Ray J and many other men actually bring WEALTH into the lives of the women they date. IF she has BUSINESS sense.

I went to her IG and I can see from her posts that she’s not like this super brilliant type of woman, but she is bodied up. Tyrese is definitely putting her on and teaching her how to run up a bag. I saw that to cure you of your mindset that you’re better and smarter than this feminine woman who scored the LEVEL and caliber of man that you desire.

💖 What are your thoughts? 👇

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Meanwhile working with me will bring you millions of dollars, more love, take your time back and help you manifest the man and life of your dreams a whole lot faster.

UPDATE: On September 29th Tyrese, about 30 mins after KrimewithKissy posted the story on Instagram, Tyrsee went live and told everyone to go to Youtube and google Zelie Timothy to promote her new video….. He waited to about 1,000 people jumped on the live and also laughed at men for jumping in her DMs trying to holler after the fake breakup. He said he had the password to her phone and account.

Tyrese Zelie

Chilllle.. 50/50 men are a waste.. Crazy men like Tyrese who promote your business are better.  You have literally got to be a foolish woman to date one of these 50/50 men that you have to continue working hard for and then use your IG to put him on, and buy him a business so that you can pretend he’s something he’s not. 

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