Louisville cops were 'repeatedly told that Breonna Taylor was NOT receiving packages for her ex-boyfriend' but they still insisted on raiding her apartment - Krime with Kissy
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Louisville cops were ‘repeatedly told that Breonna Taylor was NOT receiving packages for her ex-boyfriend’ but they still insisted on raiding her apartment

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Crimes Against Black Women

Louisville cops were ‘repeatedly told that Breonna Taylor was NOT receiving packages for her ex-boyfriend’ but they still insisted on raiding her apartment

Breonna Taylor was basically killed due to her connection to her ex-boyfriend, who was a drug dealer.

According to some reports, Breonna was heard on jail calls saying she had done certain things for her ex Jamarcus Glover.

This lead cops to investigate Taylor as part of a drug probe.

Cops investigating Breonna Taylor‘s ex-boyfriend, were repeatedly told that she was not receiving suspicious packages for him at her home, but they still listed it in their search warrant and raided it.  

By the time they raided Breonna’s house, she was no longer with Taylor and had a new boyfriend. The new boyfriend was in bed with Breonna and hopped up to protect her when cops broke down her door with a battering ram in the middle of the night.

According to the cops, Taylor’s apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, was crucial to the investigation so it was a warranted raid. They say that Glover was picking up packages at the property earlier in the year and then driving to a known ‘drug house.’

However a newly released report reveals that officers asked the postal service whether or not any suspicious packages were being sent to Taylor’s home and were told no. 

Despite being told NO, cops not only raided Breonna’s place, which was described as a ‘soft target’ beforehand. But they also served a NO KNOCK warrant, that ultimately had been changed to a KNOCK warrant last minute, according to some reports.

The police wanted to know if Glover was sending any packages to Taylor’s apartment that might have been relevant to their drug investigation, according to WDRB.

Taylor reportedly had told cops that he had shoes delivered to Breonna’s address in January.  

Other reports say that Glover was heard on jail phones saying Breonna was doing business for him and holding his money. Some reports say Breonna was heard on jail recordings saying she’d handled business for him.

The reports are all over the place and confusing the public.

A juror in the case filed a motion to have all of the evidence released.

NY Mag believes the Attorney General Daniel Cameron is lying about evidence:

“This wasn’t the only dubious claim that Cameron expected the public to take at face value. He also said that the grand jury agreed that Taylor’s death was justified. “While there are six possible homicide charges under Kentucky law,” he explained, “these charges are not applicable to the facts before us because our investigation showed — and the grand jury agreed — that Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in the return of deadly fire after having been fired upon.” But the grand jury may not have actually agreed.”

On Monday, one of the jurors took the extraordinary step of filing a court motion to make transcripts of the grand jury deliberations public and allow its members to speak publicly about how they unfolded, according to the New York Times. Grand jury deliberations are subject to strict secrecy, and the evidence they consider usually only becomes public in court if there’s prosecution. The unnamed juror claimed that Cameron had misrepresented the jury’s case to the public, and that the jurors were never given the option to indict officers Mattingly and Cosgrove. If true, this would appear to undermine Cameron’s claim that the jury was unanimous that Taylor’s death was legally justified.”

Recordings of police interviews about the investigation will be released on Friday. 

Kentucky Attorney General, 34-year-old, Daniel Cameron, a black man, and a republican had tried to have the release delayed by a week, claiming he needed more time to redact witness names.

The judge gave him until Friday. 

On Tuesday night, Cameron sought to defend himself ahead of the release of records that the grand jury was shown. 

He has been accused by an unidentified juror of publicly misrepresenting the incident with his submission of evidence and by recommending that only one of the cops should be charged. 

Cameron is now being called a race traitor.

“It is repugnant, it is so disappointing, but it’s par for the course,” Cameron told host Tucker Carlson Thursday. “Anytime someone stands for the truth, and when that truth is different from a narrative that has been pushed by others, this is how they respond.”

“Black Republicans, folks that believe in the truth … we are going to stand up,” he vowed. “That’s what I did in presenting all of the information to the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor investigation, and that is what I’m charged to do. It is my responsibility to be attorney general of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

Cameron got married in the middle of the Breonna Taylor Investigation

As Cameron was getting married, Beyonce was begging him to file charges against the officers responsible for Breonna’s death.

In a letter to Daniel Cameron, Beyonce wrote: “Ms. Taylor’s family has not been able to take time to process and grieve,” she wrote. “Instead, they have been working tirelessly to rally the support of friends, their community, and the country to obtain justice for Breonna.”

Beyoncé wrote that Cameron’s office has “both the power and responsibility to bring justice to Breonna Taylor and demonstrate the value of a Black woman’s life. I urge you to use that power.”

kissy denise black vegas blogger

We need to watch the evidence that comes out and also the career of Daniel Cameron.

We’re going to find out that he was either encouraged or threatened to hide evidence and now they are going to hang him out to dry, to take the blame, or we’re going to find out this isn’t what the public thought it was and the man simply did his job.

I don’t know what to think anymore. So I’m just going to wait.

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